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Sister Ling felt a little guilty when she heard this. She had more minds than her mother, but she was not very old, and when she saw Su Xingyun's appearance, it seemed that she did not have what her parents and uncles said at ordinary times, but was still concerned about her family.

Dr. Hou, do me a favor and take us all in. We don't talk about school. We just want to see what the teacher looks like now. A quiet girl standing on one side said. Hou Bo still remembered that her name was Bai Bing, the girl who had confided her inner love to him on the street. He looked at her, she was not shy, facing Hou Bo's eyes, very calm and calm. Looking at the girl's firm eyes, Hou Bo decided to let all the students see the teacher. It took him a lot of effort to find the key, open a small conference room in the surgery department, take the students in, tell them not to speak loudly, and then go back to the ward to find Luoyang. When Hou Bo walked into the ward, Luoyang was sleeping. Hou Bo looked at him for a few seconds, do not understand why he can let so many people like him, to be exact, almost worship like, this is Hou Bo has never had experience. He has also received many sincere thanks, because those patients think that Hou Bo saved their lives. Such a moment has always been a good time for Hou Bo to discover the value of his work. He even thought that there is no more important profession than a doctor, because it is related to human life. But today he has another idea. Teaching may be a more important profession. If a good doctor can make people live, then a good teacher should teach people how to live. Today, Hou Bo suddenly found that the two are almost equally important. Thinking of this,american hot tub, Hou Bo was even a little jealous of the young man who was younger than him and felt that the young man had dimmed his career a little. Hou Bo opened the door of the conference room for Luoyang. He thought Luoyang would be surprised to see flowers and fruits all over the floor. But Luoyang went in carelessly, picked up an empty seat and sat down, then glanced at his classmates, who all watched him quietly: "You little citizens." Luoyang disdained to throw this sentence to the students, pointing to the things brought by his classmates with his feet, "Let me lose face everywhere." The classmate laughed and said: "Who is an ordinary citizen?" "Who is an ordinary citizen?" "You are so funny!" Hou Bo motioned for everyone to keep quiet. Luoyang said: All right, don't shout. You are all ordinary citizens, not only that,jacuzzi swim spa, but also publicize everywhere, telling others that your teachers are also ordinary citizens. "That's right now. Our teachers are ordinary citizens." A boy said. Ordinary citizens don't buy flowers. A schoolgirl says then, "Also do not buy fruit, other people small citizen buys can." Everyone burst into laughter again, and Luoyang laughed too. Then let's open all the things sent by the ordinary citizens and ask Dr. Hou to taste them. Luoyang finished, the boys came together, opened the fruit, first handed to the teacher and Hou Bo, we eat together. Hou Bo was filled with benign jealousy again, this time jealous of his students, because he had never been with any teacher like this. Is the substitute teacher confirmed for next semester? Luoyang asked. No. Anyway is the substitute teacher, loves who who, we certainly are not difficult for him, does not give you to lose face. Gao Tong said as he ate. Don't make impromptu calculations. Luoyang said. The students stopped eating fruit at once, hot tub spa manufacturers ,endless swimming pool, and they looked at Luoyang in horror. You're not teaching us? "That depends on whether I can walk out of the hospital. What is the mortality rate of this operation?" Luoyang asked Hou Bo half jokingly. Are you kidding me? As soon as Hou Bo's voice fell, the students all breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, no kidding," Luo continued. "I'm afraid I'm too weak to go to work after the operation. I'll call the headmaster tomorrow. I have to find a good teacher for you. Next year is an important year.". You must all be admitted to the university, or I will not forgive you, if you have temporary feelings for the substitute teacher now, someone must fail. And my goal, as you know, is to pass all the exams. Luoyang finished looking at his classmates carefully, as if emphasizing the importance of these words. If we all pass the exam, then come. One boy said in a tone, but was immediately cut off by another boy: Sixty bowls, not noodles, but Erguotou! Dry Everyone laughed. A girl walked up to Dr. Hou: "You certainly don't know what sixty bowls is. It's an allusion to our class." She said. Yeah, you tell my uncle about it. Old Lotte is cool. Gao Tong said. "One night, in the evening self-study, Lao Luo came in and frowned at us, as if we were all terrible." The girl said as she performed, "then Lao Luo suddenly asked, raising his hand without two yuan in his pocket.". Six students raised their hands. "Seven." Another correction. Yes, seven. Then Lao Luo said, come out and come with me. When they reached the door, Lao Luo frowned again and said to the rest of the people, "What are you looking at? Come with me.". Lao Luo led us to a hand-pulled noodle restaurant. As soon as we entered, we were all silly: sixty bowls of hand-pulled noodles were all ready, and they were still steaming. We were so hungry that we began to eat crazily. After dinner, Lao Luo said, "I'll treat the seven without money, and the rest will go to the counter to pay." "A few of us have already discussed, together shouted: demand equality, oppose abuse," Gao Tong went on to say, "Lao Luo had no way, we shouted while running out, the boss went to ask Lao Luo for money. Lao Luo had 119 yuan in his pocket and gave one less to others. "They are all scoundrels." Luoyang said. I hope all of you will be admitted to the university, so as to repay the deep friendship of the teacher's sixty bowls of noodles. "If they can all go to college, I'll close my eyes." Luoyang said. Don't keep saying that. It's bad luck. A girl said with strange anger. Ok, let's not talk about it, but you must help those who are backward, and don't just think about yourself. Help others to spend some time, don't care too much, God will see in the eyes, when the time comes can also help you in the exam. Several boys crowded around Luoyang and left the conference room. Luoyang stood at the entrance of the stairs and watched everyone go down. Hou Bo stood next to Luoyang, looking at the reluctant students, and looking at Luoyang, who was trying to control his feelings,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, I do not know why his heart was sour, although as a doctor, he did not think that the operation in Luoyang was beyond the normal danger.

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