Throw down the prime minister

"Miss Fang, can you arrange for me to see the emperor?" His feminine and beautiful face was tinged with a faint shyness, and he spoke out his purpose.

"Miss Fang, can you arrange for me to see the emperor?" His feminine and beautiful face was tinged with a faint shyness, and he spoke out his purpose. Looking at the shyness and adoration on that beautiful face, she realized that this man should like Huo Tianrui very much. Although she is very sensitive to homosexuality, she finds herself without a trace of disgust when she thinks that the object is Huo Tianrui, who is now a friend of hers, and the man who is more beautiful than a woman and sincere to Huo Tianrui. On the contrary, she hopes Huo Tianrui can find his true love. Besides, it's time to test whether her medical treatment has been effective in recent days. Mmm. I can arrange it. But before that, you have to answer me a question. She stared at Chen Qingfeng and asked, "Do you want to be favored by the emperor?" Such a direct question deepened the blush of the beautiful face. But this time, instead of turning away shyly, he looked straight into her eyes and said firmly, "I think!" "Good!"! Then I can help you! She smiled and nodded. Yes, she just wants to be so determined. Such determination can let him abandon his timid heart, bold and perfect dinner in her mind seduction plan, to test Huo Tianrui's recovery of that aspect of function. ———————————————————— "Ah-" accompanied by a slight sound of opening the door,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, a figure crept in, hunched, and walked softly towards the room. Where have you been? The sudden sound made the figure suddenly stiffen. Embarrassed, he smiled at the man who lit the candle in the room and said, "Your Majesty, why do you come to the maidservant's room so late at night?" "So you know so late at night?" Blue eyes stared straight at the flustered little face and said sarcastically. In the past two days,potassium sulphate fertilizer, he found that the little thing was particularly spiritless in the daytime and looked like he didn't get enough sleep. So he would come at night to see what had happened to her. Where on earth have you been so late at night? He stepped forward, his tall figure enveloped her, and asked. Under the candlelight, the blue eyes looked unusually sharp. She was going to surprise him, and when she found out, she couldn't hide it. "Your Majesty," she said a little dejectedly, "what day will it be in two days?" "Two days later?" Blue Eyes is in a daze for this irrelevant question. Looking at the blind man's domineering face, she suddenly felt a little sorry for the man: "He is really a good emperor.". This period of time, even the most serious time, he will deal with political affairs: "Two days later, is your birthday!" " Birthday?! He hesitated slightly: indeed, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,Magnesium Sulphate price, it will be his birthday in two days. Although most people are not born, but as the emperor will be. However, this rule existed in name only when he became emperor. Busy with politics, he has no time to spend. And he has long been used to forgetting his birthday. But this little thing remembers. Moved to follow. In my hometown, everyone will celebrate their birthdays with gifts from friends and relatives to express their deepest wishes. I've been preparing your gift these two days! She laughed. A warm current accompanied by her words flowed into his heart, which made the emotions in his heart surge. This surging emotion turns into action. He stretched out his big hand and took her petite in his arms. "Thank you," he whispered. Originally thought that his sudden embrace was surprised and her whole body was stiff. After hearing his thanks, she unconsciously softened her body and hugged him back with her little hands: So, he is also a lonely person! | Pai Pai Novel Forum Wuwu 004 Handwritten, Reprint Please Specify | Bullying the Emperor Chapter 7 Seduction "That's not true. You can't be so stiff. You should be charming!" "The gesture is also wrong.". Now it's for you to tease, not for you to wipe the wall! "Feet, God, the same hands and feet, so how can you tempt others?" …… There was a constant sound coming from the humble room where Fang Yan used to live. Stop With a roar, all the voices in the room stopped. Fang Yan looked at the man who was standing there stiffly like an acupoint and took a deep breath to suppress the dirty words that were about to come out of her throat. Stand still! As soon as she gave the order, Chen Qingfeng stood up hurriedly, straighter than a bamboo pole. I'll show you the whole thing! Fang Yan sighed. She walked up to a simulated arrangement of gauze in the house and turned her back to him and said, "Sometimes, to seduce others, the back is more provocative than the front, and the obscurity creates beauty." As the voice fell to the ground, the petite figure behind the gauze began to sway in a charming and enchanting manner. Chen Qingfeng looked at the charming figure behind the gauze in amazement: for the first time, he found that there was a real difference between a woman and a man. That enchanting figure is unmatched by men. When you come out of the gauze, remember to wear the veil. Real charm isn't about looks. It's your own confidence and pride. As long as you think you are the most beautiful in the world, then you are the most beautiful in the world. The soft voice fell, and the petite and enchanting figure finally came out from behind the gauze. With charming steps and confident eyes, she walked toward Chen Qingfeng, who was already stunned. Tempting others only needs one look and one action! She walked up to him, half bent, half turned, and looked at him with charming eyes, and her glittering little hands stretched out to him as if by invitation. Chen Qingfeng, as if tempted, stretched out his hand to grasp the glittering and flawless little hand. A turn, she opened the distance between two people, red lips slightly hook way: "want to meet and refuse, is the highest level of temptation." The light veil clearly showed the upturned red lips, which made him unable to move his eyes. How's it going? Do you understand? She asked,Magnesium Oxide powder, pulling down her veil. This question made him wake up from his addiction and hang his head uncomfortably. He secretly regretted his loss just now. He is the emperor's boy pet, how can others, or a woman.

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