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Impossible, how can a person live for more than two hundred thousand years? I don't believe it, even if she is the Terran Emperor! Longma shook his huge head. It's no use if you don't believe it.

Impossible, how can a person live for more than two hundred thousand years? I don't believe it, even if she is the Terran Emperor! Longma shook his huge head. It's no use if you don't believe it. There are signs that it may be a meat shell shed by a ruthless man! The Black Emperor sneered. This is not in line with common sense. Has she become an immortal? A corpse is immortal and can be transformed into a forbidden place. What else can't she do? Longma stared round his eyes. This emperor didn't believe it either in the past, but the black gold tripod that shook the light, as well as this big tomb, and the power of longevity in the wilderness, made me realize what kind of true meaning the Wushi Emperor had when he gazed at the nine holy mountains, looked back at the old place that shook the light, and looked at the northern region. Most of the ancient forbidden land was formed by a human emperor! The black emperor looked to the south. If spread out, is undoubtedly a Xuan Ran, is a shocking news, seven life forbidden zone has a human race to create, how a shock. How could she go against the sky and do all this? Longma comes from the other side of the starry sky. He knows little about the ancient emperor and is difficult to understand. Because she's a tough one! Duan Dedao. The implication is obvious, there is no need for other reasons, just because she is ruthless, this is enough, there is nothing she can not do! A cold wind blew, shaking the old place full of sores, the surrounding wilderness was full of bones, and all kinds of birds and animals were almost completely destroyed. Once she is born, she will swallow the heaven and the earth, and all kinds of life will be taken away by her, which is terrible. Ye Fan they returned to the northern region, into the village of heaven, Dongfang Ye, Yan Yixi, Li Heishui and a group of people gathered from time to time, talking about the ancient forbidden land are all shocked. Now, they can only guess that it is related to the ruthless person, may be her,radio shuttle racking, but there is no conclusive evidence, what is the origin of the other six forbidden places of life? The road to immortality is about to open. I don't know if the supreme existence in these forbidden places will jump out on that day. It's hard to imagine what kind of bbōlan it will cause. The most brilliant golden power has arrived, and the magnificent battle song has been played. I don't know how many people will die.. Said Saint Ziro, narrowing his eyes. In the following days, Ye Fan kept a low profile and had to keep a low profile. First, he killed the prince, then chased the golden girl to escape, and finally slaughtered the ancient Saint Hortan. His performance was too eye-catching. Some people of the ancient clan secretly made an offer. If anyone could kill Ye Fan, there would be an amazing reward. Many big clans would get rid of him quickly. The undercurrent was turbulent. No one in the JJJ sect wanted to see Ye Fan become a saint. It will be a disaster for them to tolerate a person who may preach to grow up smoothly, and it is the best choice to strangle him in the cradle. In the past two months, Ye Fan has been in seclusion, even if someone is proficient in divination and deduction, it can not be measured, because he has a green bronze tripod. In these days, he stood on the sixth small step of Xian San Chop Road, automated warehouse systems ,asrs warehouse, and could step up to the seventh small step at any time, but he never got to the point, and it was difficult for him to advance. The problem could not be solved, and he would leave the world in three or four months. With a sigh, Ye Fan got up and decided to go out for a walk and take a look at it for the last time. Once you step on the heavenly road and embark on the strongest trial journey, you may never come back, and you may become a piece of loess sprinkled outside the territory. The old master of Qishi Mansion said clearly that even the holy body of the human race had killed three people in battle, stained the starry sky with blood, and buried their bones in other places. They were all his predecessors, who had the same constitution as him, and perhaps were not weaker than him. These days, the world has been difficult to calm down, and three ancient sages have come to this ancient star, causing panic among the people. This indicates that the date of the rise of the immortal road is near, people are both looking forward to and afraid, want to enter the immortal land quota is limited, most will hit the ancient star collapse. When Ye Fan came out, he found that everything was not calm. He learned from secret channels that anyone who could provide clues about him would be rewarded with a holy vessel. How shocking is this? You know, even most of the ancient saints do not have divine materials to refine weapons, only a few people have handed down holy soldiers! In addition, the ancient forbidden land has become a land of immortals for people to worship. Cigarette smoke curls up every day, and many Terran monks go to worship it. They completely regard the wasteland as the Terran Daliang. "Out of Hangu Pass in the west, the one-way transmission of the small five-s-sè altar continues all the way, appearing on many ancient stars. Where is it going to go?" Ye Fan said to himself. On that day, he and Longma landed outside the Mountain of the Undead, but did not find the altar that should have appeared. According to their speculation, it might be in the Mountain of the Undead, but they could not go in to look for it. Maybe outside the mountain of the undead. Ye Fan once again came to Zhongyu, standing outside the mountain of immortality, watching the towering mountains of black s sè, the magnificent kings and emperors in the mountains! "Whoosh!" Suddenly, an Aurora rushed by, so fast that it was hard to see clearly, wiping the undead mountain into the distant wilderness. What is this Ye Fan is surprised, feel some look familiar, chased down. Unfortunately, after searching for more than half an hour, nothing was found, and then a group of monks chased down, and the mountains were in a mess. Brother Dao, what happened? Ye Fan asked for advice. Are you from the Middle Domain? Don't you know what happened recently? Someone stopped and looked at him strangely. I just happened to see it when I was passing by. Is there any secret? Ye Fan asked. A strange magic weapon has appeared near the Undead Mountain. It has become more and more fierce these days. It often plunders monks and collects their blood. Just now, a famous resident has been kidnapped. Is there such a thing? Ye Fan was surprised that, except for a few special ones, it was generally sacred vessels that gave birth to gods and produced spiritual wisdom, but now there is such a secret treasure born. In the end, the search came to nothing, and people found nothing. Ye Fan also searched outside the Mountain of the Undead for a few days, but still did not find the small altar of five s sè, and could only choose to leave. "" When he left,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Ye Fan saw a silver sè flying instrument flashed away, tearing the sky like lightning, and fled in an instant. Morning. It! Ye Fan was shocked and recognized it. It was the instrument he saw a few days ago. It was also the mysterious aircraft he saw decades ago in the ancient city of "Wangkong" in the middle domain.

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