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Impossible, how can a person live for more than two hundred thousand years? I don't believe it, even if she is the Terran Emperor! Longma shook his huge head. It's no use if you don't believe it.

Lianyi seemed to be unable to believe that the whole person was in a kind of extreme panic after the loss, a word can not be said. Yelv touched her face and smiled like a crescent moon. "You don't have a fever. You're in good health.". If you have a fever all the time, it will be terrible. We are wanted by the Song government, and the doctor can't be invited. We must leave the Song as soon as possible. "Why?" She murmured. Because I found that Gengu and I were Khitan, and I was still a prince. The most important thing is that in order to save you from those bastards, we killed several officers and soldiers of the Song Dynasty. Lian Yi Ding Ding looked at him: "It's you … …" Saved me? Yelv smiled, raised his hand and gently pressed her head down. "Don't look at people like that," he whispered. How else do you think you got here? Lianyi looked around. It was obviously a mountain forest in the suburbs. The moonlight poured in from the entrance of the cave. It was as quiet as if we could hear each other's heartbeat. Where is Gengu? She asked subconsciously. With a hum, Yelv put his arm around her shoulder and said with a smile, "Don't ask so many questions. Go to sleep for a while." "Something happened to him?" Her face suddenly turned pale, "or was Song Bing caught back?" Yelv sighed: "At that time, we were also handcuffed in the cell. We managed to break the wooden railing and escaped to look for you. As a result, we met more than a dozen Song soldiers. I escaped with you on my back. He was behind me, and the result was scattered." Lian Yi got up to go out. Yelu grabbed her and whispered, "What are you doing?" "Go and find Gengu." She didn't hesitate. Yelv's face sank and he said coldly, "I managed to escape. How can I die again?". Even if you have great ability,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, there is no way to oppose a large number of Song Jun. "You can't let him die," said Lian Yi! He's still so young. Yelv stood up and said, "Well, I'll go with you, and I'll die with you. Are you happy to have two lives to bury him alone?" "Don't go if you don't know kung fu!" Very well, you would rather die for him, then what am I? It was wrong to save you desperately,warehouse storage racks, and it was useless to get hurt. I was a villain who abandoned my companions. Lian Yi turned back hurriedly: "That's not what I meant!" "What does that mean?" He suddenly stepped forward, raised his hand and hugged her tightly. He held her wrist and put it on his waist. "There are still wounds here. I was stabbed twice by Song Jun.". My wound is not a wound? Gengu is more important than me in your heart? Or does it not matter if I die? He pressed her ear, his voice as soft as a whisper, his eyes burning at her. With a slight touch of his lips, he murmured, "No." I'm not.. "Not what?" He pinched her chin and raised her face, which was beautiful and indescribable in the light of the fire. "If you get out of this cave, I'll die right away," he whispered. I'm not kidding. As soon as you go, I'll die. Crow Kill Volume Chapter 4 Lock Spring (1) Updated: October 8, 2008 21:45:00 Words in this Chapter: 4918 I wrote one more chapter, medium duty racking ,heavy duty metal racking, two more today. The second watch. I can't remember what happened later. The night was dark and the light of the fire was blurred. She felt a burst of cold and heat behind her, and there seemed to be a kind of strength in her heart to contribute herself regardless of everything. The dry grass stuck to the naked skin through the clothes on the ground, and it was painful and itchy. The point of fire was the rapid plucking of the strings, jumping up and down, very fast, hovering everywhere on her body. In the distance, there seemed to be a kind of torn flute sound, which was sad and lingering, as if a small hand had grasped her heart. She could not tell whether it was happiness to pain or just because it was pain. She was held in her hands, rolled, folded and stretched, like a new piece of cloth in the hands of an experienced tailor, skillfully cut and folded in half to make a beautiful dress. Wrap him up! Wrap him up. The smooth skin, and the sweat. The chilly moonlight poured in through the hole and sprinkled on her long enchanting hair. There was an extra hand on her hair, which reached in and pressed her snow-white neck, and then another layer of dark long hair came up, which was disturbed by her hand, and even the hay on the ground was disturbed. It was so chaotic that a figure flashed by at the entrance of the cave without being noticed. The dark shadow stood alone under the moon for a long time, leaning against the stone outside, breathing slowly, and the white fog enveloped his moist and glittering eyes, covering all the mysteries. Her eyelashes were so wet that she couldn't tell whether it was sweat or tears. Yelu couldn't help picking her up and lowering his head to kiss her eyelashes. He closed his eyes and put his hands around his neck tightly. She did not know whether she was rising or falling. The sad sound of the flute seemed to be sent into Xiaoman's sleep. She had never heard such a sound. It was as if something had been slowly torn apart, with a definite taste. She was awakened and pushed away the fur covering her body. Listen carefully, and sure enough, someone is playing the flute in the distance. With the lingering desolation of the Qiang flute, unlike the ordinary bamboo flute, it is clear and melodious, like a God singing in detail, and like a dragon whistling in the heavy. The tune was so beautiful that Xiaoman could not help but lie in front of the window and listen carefully. After listening carefully, he felt familiar and was about to continue listening when the sound of the flute suddenly turned around and went back to the previous one, starting from the beginning. The scenery on the city is chaotic, and the misty waves under the city are beating the shore in spring. When will the green poplars and fragrant grass stop? The tearful eyes and sad intestines have been broken first. Xiaoman's mind was like a flash of lightning, and he quickly remembered Li Shisan. It was in the Drunken Moon Tower that he blew the spring of the Jade Tower that day. Who is Li Shisan? Yelv Wenjue's son. Who is Yelv Wenjue? To kill her that day brake ten directions. She was secretly frightened and suspicious, and hesitated for a long time. Finally, he boldly pushed open the window to see. The courtyard outside was dark, and the snow was shining. Not far away is the courtyard of Tianquan. His little upstairs was brightly lit, and someone was leaning against the fence and playing the flute. Unexpectedly, Tianquan Childe has this kind of pleasure. In the silent snowy night,metal racking systems, he played the flute alone, full of bitterness, and the sound of the flute was sad. It seems that this kind of gentleman who likes to wear white clothes and is a neat freak likes to play with such elegant things like ice cubes. kingmoreracking.com

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