The Daughter of Vulgar Crossing Should Be Self-improvement

I turned around and picked up the decorative Japanese sword on the short table. Then he untied the rope on the little handsome man and put the knife in his hand.

I turned around and picked up the decorative Japanese sword on the short table. Then he untied the rope on the little handsome man and put the knife in his hand. You should do this, and I should die. Cut me at my throat with your knife! No more hesitation! If God can give me a chance to do it again, I will say three words to that person: I love you. If I have to add a deadline to this love, I hope it's.. Ten thousand years! Holding back the nausea, I had a very hard time to say this disgusting line. Yes, I decided to put on a romantic film. I think this type of work is more suitable for me. After all, the beautiful man was a little interested in me yesterday. I dare not pray to God now, that guy did not help me once, can only pray that the Buddha let the broken knife without a blade blunt even meat can not be cut! Half a day did not move, I looked up, the little man has been dull! What's going on here? Is he impressed by me or scared by me? I quickly ran over and waved my hand in front of his eyes. He came to his senses and suddenly blushed. I am stupefied, won't, this is moved by me? I know the lines I memorized are very classic and touching, but because I have heard them so many times that I want to vomit every time I hear them, I am completely numb to them. But the beautiful man's heart is too easy to be conquered, isn't it? This gives me no sense of accomplishment! "Give me back what you have!" The little beautiful man's voice was smaller than a mosquito, and his little face was red with a few bruises. I am stupefied again,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, a look, dare feeling a moment ago I am taking the pants of small beautiful man to shake a long time in front of small beautiful man! Rao is that I am very thick-skinned and a little embarrassed. After all, holding someone's pants is not a very face-saving allusion. But won't the pretty boy sue me for attempted rape now? The beautiful little man didn't say whether he would sue me or not. He was packing his clothes. But I think it should be all right. I'm starting to regret the art-house movie I just acted in. It's so disgusting! Yijiang Chunshui 2007-02-02 14:15 Mediation Someone once told me that people who wear clothes are very different from those who don't wear clothes in their speech. I have never understood, because I think I am very arrogant with and without clothes. Now I understand that what this man said is really reasonable. Just now, the pitiful little handsome man in messy clothes suddenly performed a face-changing stunt after putting on his clothes. I was surrounded by a large group of people who suddenly appeared half an hour later. What makes me speechless is that the beautiful little man seems to be really a prince. And he was obviously very hesitant about how to deal with a beautiful woman who had tried to violate him violently but at the same time expressed her love to him, so he temporarily let me be locked in a small room next to me and let me reflect for a few days. I'm not too worried. It's still my place before I leave the hotel. Xiao Bai and Diaoxing will come to save me. As long as Xiao Rui, now that I know his name is Rui Wang Ye, I spontaneously upgraded his name to Xiao Rui. As long as Xiao Rui doesn't come back to fight against me, lutein eye complex ,ghana seed extract, I think my future is still bright. Xiaobai's appearance is with a glittering murderous look! During the meal, I communicated with Xiaowu, who was disguised as a delivery waiter. He found that Xiao Rui was the rich prince who had wrapped up the whole backyard for half a year. I don't know why I suddenly wanted to go here for a walk incognito, but I did it. I really stirred up a hornet's nest now, I offended the big donor of the hotel! Heart to heart, if I were the owner of the hotel, it would be more than just a murderous look. I've always had a reputation for being ruthless to men who stand in the way of my money. If it were me, I would definitely make him into instant-boiled meat. So I observed it carefully and found that Xiaobai didn't bring the pot with him. So we sat down and began a friendly, murderous conversation. Before we can get into the topic, the stars are coming. I have always believed that I am extremely lucky, and now it confirms my view. At that moment, my voice became five percentage points louder. But as the conversation progressed, I became more and more confused. Xiaobai doesn't seem to have too much entanglement with me and Xiaorui, focusing on how to deal with the aftermath. Does he know what happened last night? After all, if you don't know that I was with Picking Stars yesterday, you will definitely think that I had a relationship with Xiao Rui all night. According to his character, he will not think about the aftermath without making it clear. I began to think deeply. If he knows yesterday's story, there must be two answers. A, he was at the scene yesterday. B, I talked to him about picking stars. I ruled out the possibility of A's answer. If he had been at the scene, he would have jumped out, and he would not have been so calm when he saw Picking Stars acting with me in porn. Since answer A is excluded, answer B is the positive answer. And picking stars disappeared early this morning, it seems to be looking for Xiaobai. I looked up and down carefully to pick the stars, and there was no place to hang the color? There must be something wrong. I recalled it carefully. Yes! Found it ! Picking the stars came in through the door today! I've never seen him walk since I knew him, and he always appears with a whoosh. It must have been hurt there! Where could it be? I began to use my eyes to make a perspective examination of the key parts of the stars. It suddenly became very quiet, and I suddenly woke up. Picking stars and Xiaobai looked at me dumbfounded. Only then did I realize that just now my eyes had been wandering around several parts of the body that were not suitable for children. Seeing them looking at me at the same time made me suddenly feel embarrassed. The two men in front of me seemed to have a deep contact with me. Thinking of this, his face suddenly turned red to the root of his neck. Xiao Bai was speechless for a moment. As usual, he came to me and took me in his arms. He said,best green coffee bean extract, "You are embarrassed, too!" My God, let me die.


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