Quickly wear the strategy, the sick and charming man, spoil the sky!

One by one for the host to screen. It's just a book to coax people, and it can certainly be found by the host! Mmm! # Shang's study # Xuanyuan Yonghao sat on the Dragon Chair, turning over the book in his hand.

One by one for the host to screen. It's just a book to coax people, and it can certainly be found by the host! Mmm! # Shang's study # Xuanyuan Yonghao sat on the Dragon Chair, turning over the book in his hand. The whole study is very quiet. Suddenly, Xuanyuan Yonghao's face was a little gloomy, and the book in his hand was suddenly thrown to the ground, and the next second, together with all the memorials on the imperial table, it was swept to the ground with a crash. Nantang waited aside and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Your Highness's identity is now the son of heaven, thousands of people above, but this mood, but it is worse day by day. After a long time, Xuanyuan Yonghao sat there with his eyes down. The thin and cool lips opened and closed. "She never mentioned me?" The Southern Tang Dynasty did not know what to say at the moment, and after a long silence, it chose a compromise. "Perhaps Miss Su Yan had mentioned it, but Chunhua was not there." The Southern Tang Dynasty is such a big man who plays with guns and swords all day long. How can he comfort people? As soon as the words of comfort came out, they were far-fetched. Then, looking at Xuanyuan Yonghao's face, it was even more ugly. Originally,pumpkin seed extract, he wanted to punish Su Yan and let her realize her mistake. So he deliberately disappeared for a few days and specifically told Chunhua not to mention him. As a result, this is not a punishment for Su Yan, this is simply a punishment for him. The heartless man, who ate and drank so well, disappeared and never asked a question. It seems that whether he is here or not does not affect her. He doesn't mean anything to her. Such cognition makes Xuanyuan Yonghao's face worse and worse day by day. Reading is www.kanshu58.com. Chapter 150 the prince is very sick 74. I don't know how long it took to read www.kanshu58.com. Outside the door, Prime Minister Zhao Ziyan and General Lin Liqiang asked to see each other. It was not until the Southern Tang had tidied up the imperial study that the two of them came in. I, Zhao Ziyan,stesweet stevia, see your Highness. "I, Lin Liqiang, see your Highness." Although the name has not changed, but the etiquette is already all treated the emperor so respectfully. Today's Xuanyuan Yonghao is in power, just short of an enthronement ceremony. Xuanyuan Yonghao lowered his eyes, and the gloomy momentum made people feel it several meters apart. His eyelids moved and he glanced at the man kneeling on the ground. The thin and cool lips opened and closed, and the voice was slow. "What's the matter?" Lin Liqiang is a person who can't hide things. He folded his fists and couldn't help saying. "Your Highness, it is reasonable to say that the matter in the palace is not something that I can get involved in, but.." Lin Liqiang paused. "However, in the courtyard of the second prince, 113 people were beheaded, and 125 people in the courtyard of the first prince were scraped. Your Highness, can you think twice?" The two of them came here for the sake of nearly three hundred people. Xuanyuan Yonghao raised his eyelids, jujube seed powder ,fenugreek saponins, looked at Lin Liqiang with dark eyes, and hooked his thin and cool lips. "You want to save?" Lin Liqiang did not know why, but was stared at by the eyes and trembled in his heart. Who has he been afraid of for so many years?! Only his Highness, who looked like a weak scholar who could not carry his shoulders, was so looked at that Lin Liqiang also beat a drum in his heart. Is he talking about saving? Or not to save? You know, the execution is tomorrow. When the time comes, there will be a river of blood, and everyone in the palace will feel insecure? Lin Liqiang glanced at the prime minister and saw that the prime minister had been silent there. Lin Liqiang beat a drum in his heart. This, this.. Finally, tell the truth "I think, your Highness ascended the throne, really should not be heavy killing, if this matter was worn out, afraid of panic." You know, a few days ago, all the eunuchs and palace maids who had taken care of the first emperor were given to die to accompany the first emperor. As for the concubines, they were all sent to the nunnery. At the beginning, the ministers in the court wrote to the throne one after another to dissuade his Highness, believing that his actions were too bloody. Later, he found that the memorial was useless, so he knelt down directly at the door of the imperial study and grabbed the ground with his head to show his determination. Later, those tough ministers were really given the death penalty by your Highness. Then, the ministers were honest in an instant. All of them dare to be angry but dare not speak out. At this moment, also from beginning to end to follow the prime minister Zhao and general Lin can come forward to say a few words. How dare anyone else? Xuanyuan Yonghao played with the slender brush and lowered his eyes. "It's not impossible to save people." He spoke in a gentle tone. As soon as Lin Liqiang heard that there was a play, he was about to thank him. Just listen to Xuanyuan Yonghao Road. "Life for life, the palace will not say anything.". Which one does General Lin want to save? Lin Liqiang suddenly choked. Minister.. Minister..? Lin Liqiang has been fighting on the battlefield, where will play these? Finally, Prime Minister Zhao made a sound. "Your Highness, General Lin doesn't mean that. All choices should be made by Your Highness." "Yes, yes, I listen to your Highness." Lin Liqiang folded his fists and quickly answered. Xuanyuan Yonghao's dark eyes swept over the two of them, looking gentle, and he leaned on his chair, holding his forehead with one hand. "Two beloved ministers, and don't go to play?" "No, it's all right. Excuse me!" Lin Liqiang can't think at all at the moment. He has to go out and get some air. So that he pulled the prime minister and hurried out. Reading is www.kanshu58.com. Chapter 151 the prince is very sick. Reading www.kanshu58.com the other side, Su Yan is in a daze in the pavilion, there are countless small words in front of him, is seriously watching. All of them are the ways that Xiaohua found for her to coax people. Suddenly the voice of the little flower sounded. "Ding Dong, congratulations on the success of the host's random mission." Su Yan shook for a moment. In this way, it has been ten days since she fed Xuanyuan Yonghao. Then the little flower said happily. "Host,turmeric extract powder, you get a random reward." "What is it?" "Ding Dong, a carry-on space." Then, listen to Xiaohua explain. prius-biotech.com


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