Journey of Piaomiao

Among them, Xiuzhen Academy is the reserve force for cultivating the worship hall. No matter who he is, as long as his family background is clean and he has certain abilities, he can apply for the examination.

Among them, Xiuzhen Academy is the reserve force for cultivating the worship hall. No matter who he is, as long as his family background is clean and he has certain abilities, he can apply for the examination. It is a school house that only asks about his ability but not his birth. Hanlin Academy and Chongwu Academy only admit the children of the royal family and nobles. The Imperial College has the widest range of enrollment, and the children of officials and civilians can apply for the examination as long as they have money. "Every country in the Celestial Star has an offering hall." Cheng Zizhong added. "Where did you graduate, Old Master Q?" Li Qiang asked curiously, and Cheng Tzu-chung replied, "In the year of Bingzi, I obtained the status of Juren from the Imperial College. In the second year, I passed the examination and won 73 Jinshi." He was quite proud of his words. Zhao Hao said, "The old master is very great. Of the students who came out of the Imperial College, only a few could pass the imperial examination, and even fewer could pass the imperial examination. The master's talent and learning must be outstanding." "I don't deserve it," said Cheng Tzu-chung modestly. "It's just a coincidence." "You're a Jinshi like Feng Kaiyun, the prefect of Hanlin City. How could you go to his house to be a teacher?" Li Qiang asked in puzzlement. Cheng Tzu-chung said, "I am the emperor's inspector, and one of my duties is to examine the officials." Li Qiang understood that the emperor had arranged a lot of spies. Mei Jingjing clapped her hands and shouted, "Niuniu is full.". Old Master, you're the most familiar with the capital. Where are you going to have fun? "First go to the corner of Temple Street," said Cheng Tzu-chong with a smile. "There are many shops there. At noon, go to Baifan House,rosmarinic acid supplement, the largest restaurant in the capital. What do you think, Lord Li?" Without waiting for Li Qiang to speak, Mei Jingjing shouted, "OK, go to the shop first." Zhao Hao dropped a piece of broken silver, and they got up and went to the temple street. Miaojiekou is the most prosperous part of the capital of the Song Dynasty, where merchants gather and shops stand in great numbers. Li Qiang is a little surprised, but he has seen ten times more prosperous places. Cheng Zizhong and Zhao Hao are well-informed. Mei Jingjing's family is in the capital of the Tang Dynasty,tannic acid astringent, and he has seen the same prosperous places. Zheng Peng is different. He has never seen such a lively place since he came out of the womb. The big head looked left and right, shaking like a rattle, and everything was strange. In the morning, the number of people at the entrance of the temple street began to increase. In the open space at the corner of the street, a Gong sounded. Chao Hao said, "Maybe it's a busker beating a Gong. Would you like to go and have a look?" "Take a look!" Said Cheng Peng. He took a big step and ran over. "It doesn't look like a busker," said Cheng Tzu-chung. "Take a look." Several people followed him slowly. The crowd approached and saw that it was not a busker, but a seller. It was a middle-aged man with a thin figure and a tired face. He had a straw tag stuck in his head, and two big men were standing behind him. One of them was beating hard with a small Gong in his hand, while the other grabbed the middle-aged man by the collar and shouted, "There is a man who is willing to sell himself to pay off his gambling debts. He sold it cheaply for only ten taels of silver. If you want to buy it, you have to ask!". Someone nearby said, "Isn't this the second child of the Qi family?"? He gambled so much that he lost everything. His wife and children were all sold out, and now he's even sold himself. Others said, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, "Serves you right!"! Who told him to gamble? There were more and more people around, and they were all watching the scene of bustle, and no one said anything to buy. Seeing that no one had made a bid, the two big men shouted for a while. They became more and more angry and beat the middle-aged man. The man just held his head and sobbed and did not know what to say. Mei Ching-ching couldn't bear to look at it any more. The little girl had been a robber and was somewhat domineering. She pulled out a whip from her storage belt and shook it in the air. "Bang!" The whip made a crisp sound. The two big men were startled when they heard the sound of the whip. They looked up and saw a charming little girl with a white soft whip in her hand, looking at them angrily. One of the big men laughed and scolded, "Damn it, I was startled. What's the matter?"? If you want to buy a man to go home and play, ten taels of silver will be yours, ha ha. Another big fellow complained in his heart and kept scolding his companion: "I've been in the capital for so long, and I can't see any color at all.". This little girl dares to stand up, either because she is very powerful, or because she has the support of a superior person behind her. He was right. Unfortunately, the little girl had both. "Bang," the big fellow was whipped in the face. Mei Jingjing's "shadow whip" is a precious whip, and Li Qiang doesn't even understand how it was made. Before she had used her true strength, the big fellow, who usually whipped him, was in pain to the bone marrow. She howled, "Little bitch, his mother's coquettish hoof, how dare you hit your father!"? I want to kill you. Third Brother, help me catch this piece of shit. Listening to his scolding, Li Qiang went up. The Journey of Piaomiao Chapter 2 When Zhao Hao saw the Master coming forward, he quickly stepped forward and said, "Master, I'm going to teach him a lesson." Li Qiang waved his hand and said, "No." Mei Jingjing was so angry that her little face turned red. She swung the whip and whipped it. This time, with a little real force, she hit the big fellow on the back. "Bang!" The clothes on the big fellow's back immediately turned into pieces and fell everywhere. There was a scream, and the weight of the whip made him climb down, still muttering curses. Li Qiang pinched his neck and lifted him from the ground: "Which casino are you from? Take me to see your boss." With an exclamation of surprise, the big fellow next to him held an eight-inch bayonet in his hand and stabbed Li Qiang mercilessly. Li Qiang simply ignored his bayonet and pinched his neck with his other hand. The big fellow was frightened to the extreme, the bayonet in his hand was like poking on an iron plate and a copper brick, and the big hand on his neck made him breathless, and he fainted as soon as his eyes were black. "Dang," the bayonet fell to the ground. "Master," Zhao Hao warned, "they have passed out." "I don't have the strength," the Li Qiang said to himself. "How can I be so bad?" Let go in a hurry. Li Qiang asked the middle-aged man, "Which casino did you lose yourself in?" The man stammered in horror, "Yes, it's Bora." "My Lord," said Cheng Tzu-chung in a whisper, "the Bora Casino has a background in the Kingdom of Li Tang. The situation is rather complicated." Li Qiang nodded and said with a smile, "Are you interested in gambling?" Cheng Zizhong and Zhao Hao will never oppose Li Qiang's decision, Zheng Peng is fresh everywhere, Mei Jingjing is trying to find fault to be satisfied. Everyone agreed to play in the casino. Zheng Peng,ghana seed extract, carrying two big men in one hand, was led by the middle-aged man to the casino. Bora Casino is one of the four major casinos in the capital, and the general background of opening a casino in the capital is not simple.


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