Hades Marriage Favor: Hades Husband, Unbridled Seduction

Repeated over and over again, Qingqi's words made Liufeng's heart ache. He said bitterly, "Younger martial sister, in your heart, my feelings for you for thousands of years are not as good as a stranger?"?

Repeated over and over again, Qingqi's words made Liufeng's heart ache. He said bitterly, "Younger martial sister, in your heart, my feelings for you for thousands of years are not as good as a stranger?"? You have only been with him for five years, but I have been with you for thousands of years. Why don't you love me? Why do you still love him when she has disappeared? Younger martial sister, as long as you look back, you can see me, I will guard you behind you, as long as you look back, younger martial sister, I beg you to look back at me, OK? I beg you.. …… When she woke up again, she began not to eat or drink, and even wanted to kill herself, but fortunately she was stopped by the wind. She was controlled by the wind with a boundary. Her eyes were already swollen with tears. No matter what the wind fed her, she didn't eat. She just sat there motionless. Liu Feng threw the bowl to pieces angrily and said, "Qing Qi, do you have to look like you are going to die?"? Limo is dead! He's dead, and even if you torture yourself, he won't come back to life! So you'd better eat well and don't make me do it to you! "Li Mo is dead, so I want to accompany him even more, Liu Feng, no matter how you control me, as long as I have a chance, I will self-destruct yuan Shen, I do not want to live, I do not want to lose Li Mo,phycocyanin spirulina, nor do I want to live alone in the world." My child died, Li Mo died, we are husband and wife, we agreed, live and die together, he is gone, I will not live alone, not to mention I am a disgrace to heaven, I died, Tianzun will be very happy.. When Liu Feng heard Qing Qi say this,pumpkin seed extract, he frowned tightly: "Now you don't even want to call your father?"? Qingqi, Shifu is doing this for your own good. The Demons and the Celestial Clan have a thousand years of hatred. If you give birth to a child of the Demons, how can you let Tianzun keep you? You are his only daughter. He doesn't want to see you die, so he can only kill your child. Why can't you understand Shifu's pains for you? I don't blame you for hating me, but you shouldn't hate Shifu! Chapter 385 you are the same person as him. One second to remember [3Q Chinese website.], wonderful free reading without pop-up window! "Why can't I hate him?" He sneered? You're saying he killed my baby because of me? Wind, in his eyes, there is no family, only the right! I begged him not to kill my child, but he didn't listen and resolutely strangled my child. Do you know how painful it is for me to see my child die in front of my eyes? It was my child, so young that it died before it could see the beautiful world, and I didn't even know if it was a boy or a girl. Liu Feng, I have never seen such a heartless man, that is his grandson, he killed it! Kill it! And in order to make the Demons submit to heaven, he used me as an excuse to fight against the Demons and kill my favorite man. If this is what you said for me, then I would rather he did not use the three words for me as an excuse! What he does is never for me, but for himself! He is greedy, selfish, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,saw palmetto extract, heartless, I do not have such a father, I hate him, also hate you, hate your unfeeling, hate you jointly killed my child! Liu Feng, get out of here! I don't want to see you! Never want to see you! Do you know why I don't like you when you have been with me for so long? Because you, like that man, are selfish, You always care about yourself, regardless of other people's feelings, you and he jointly killed my child, and he jointly killed my Li Mo, I will never forgive you, never! Qingqi tore his heart and lungs and roared at Liufeng. Liufeng looked at Qingqi so sad. He laughed: "So I am such a person in your eyes. I admit that Shifu and I killed your child, but I don't think I am wrong." Shifu and I have the same original intention. We want you to live, but how can you fall in love with the people in the demon world as a princess in heaven? Qing Qi, if you want to hate, then you will always hate it, at least now, because of your hate, I occupy a place in your heart is not it? Qingqi closed her eyes and stopped looking at the disgusting face of Liufeng. He always had so many great principles, but she could not always say his great principles. Since she could not say them, she would not say them. I don't look. She didn't want to see Liu Feng, because when she saw him, she would think of her dead child, sitting alone on the bed, bound by the boundary around her, unable to move, she could only listen and speak. Now that her magic has not been restored, she cannot break free of this boundary for the time being, but when her magic is restored, the first person she will not let go is him. He did not let himself feel better, she did not let him feel better, she now has nothing, the child is gone, the stranger is gone, what is the meaning of her life? And Li Mo must be very cold to live alone, she really wants to accompany him. I really want to. Tears crossed her face again, and one after another snow lotus appeared beside her, but in the blink of an eye, she had no time to see it, and the snow lotus had disappeared. For the rest of the time, Liu Feng had been sitting by the side, watching and closing his eyes, as if he were resting or practicing. Neither of them spoke first. …… Time passes in the blink of an eye, tossing and turning for thousands of years, her magic power increases greatly, she breaks away from the boundary of the wind, her eyes stare coldly at the wind in front of her eyes, and she conjures up a sword in her hand. Chapter 386 Li Mo is still alive! One second to remember [3Q Chinese website.], wonderful free reading without pop-up window! Liu Feng was practicing and felt the danger. He opened his eyes and looked at Qing Qi, whose magic power had greatly increased. Soon, there was a sound of fighting in the room. Qing Qi and Liu Feng said, "You have trapped me for a thousand years. Today is your death!"! Liu Feng, I won't care about the love between brother and sister. Let's die! Liu Feng closed his eyes, did not resist, and let Qing Qi kill himself with a sword. At the critical moment, Tianzun appeared and saved Liu Feng. He looked at Qing Qi, who was neither a man nor a ghost,carnosic acid price, and said, "You actually practice the forbidden art!"! Qing Qi, do you know the end of practicing the forbidden art? prius-biotech.com


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