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GaoYan immediately all over the body cold, begging Fu Guoren in the Xianbei clans is second only to Murong Chui's terrible master, cruel means, proficient in the art of chasing, the most frightening is that he is fond of male wind, fall in his hands may suffer the most uncomfortable

GaoYan immediately all over the body cold, begging Fu Guoren in the Xianbei clans is second only to Murong Chui's terrible master, cruel means, proficient in the art of chasing, the most frightening is that he is fond of male wind, fall in his hands may suffer the most uncomfortable humiliation of men, life is worse than death. He immediately forgot to ask Yan Fei why he could recognize at a glance that he was the Eagle with the Eye of Heaven, who was begging for Fu Guoren. "Let's run away," he said in horror. "Don't move," said Yan Fei, still with a cool expression. "I'll tell you what direction to go. You must immediately follow my instructions to run so far away and go to Shouyang without looking back. I have my own way to save my life and escape." Gao Yan waited quietly with his scalp tingling. Yan Fei closed his eyes and suddenly whispered, "Southeast!" Gao Yan only hated his parents for losing two legs. With a low cry of "be careful," he bounced up and walked in the direction indicated by Yan Fei. Yan Fei took the butterfly love flower, slowly stood up, opened the tiger's eyes, did not blink to see the red cloak fluttering like a ghost of Qifu Guoren, swept out from the northwest corner of the dense forest, like feet do not touch the ground, like a ghost came to the front. Liu Yu, with his bag and sword on his back, walked more than ten miles in one breath in the moon-illuminated wasteland, both relieved and disappointed. The reason for the relief was that he did not meet the master of the five pecks of rice,jujube seed powder, not because he knew he was defeated, but because he did not want to create complications. If he is wounded, it will greatly hinder this mission. He is disappointed that he can't find half of the people who escaped from Bianhuangji, because he hopes to find out the situation of Bianhuangji from their mouths. Fortunately, he has a strong character and will not be discouraged. The Yingshui River was winding southward on his right. He was hesitating whether to go north along the west bank of the Yingshui River, which would greatly increase his chances of meeting a desolate man. Suddenly, a short and shrill scream came from a wild forest in the northwest. Judging by his ears, it was about half a mile away from his present position. As soon as Liu Yu moved in his heart,lycopene for skin, he thought that it was likely to be a kind of thing like robbing the way by a strong man. He was on his way, and he might meet a desolate man who had escaped from the frontier wasteland. In addition, he had a chivalrous heart. He did not hesitate to go to the place where the voice came from. Qifu Guoren, like a fierce ghost in red who came out of the underworld to do evil, stood proudly in front of Yanfei across the bonfire under the moonlight. There was no weapon on the surface, but Yanfei knew that the black iron ruler he had become famous for was inserted behind his waist according to his usual habit. Yan Fei's left hand clung to the scabbard of the butterfly love flower and said calmly, "Qifu Guoren, aren't you always so imposing?"? Why do you end up alone tonight? Qifu Guoren's eyes, which were originally like those of a dead fish, suddenly brightened up, and the whole person seemed to get angry again. "How can I be lonely with you as a little darling accompanying me?" He said with a strange smile. Yan Fei was not moved at all, and a smile came out of his horn. "Clang!" The ground butterfly loves the flower to leave the scabbard and come out, at the same time the left foot kicks in the bonfire place, immediately kicks up a Peng to mix with the red hot coal to diffuse the sky sparks, head on the face to beg Fu Guoren to hit, turmeric extract powder ,akba boswellic acid, the right hand butterfly loves the flower to turn into the green awn, the disease takes the opponent chest vital point, all movements at one go, fierce to the extreme. He was well aware of the enemy's strength, so he was the first to strike with all his strength without mercy. Qifu Guoren laughed and raised his cloak to fight back like a red cloud. Suddenly, Yan Fei not only lost the target of attack, but the strength of the cloak was so strong that the charcoal fire crumbs turned around and reflected back. His heart was not good, and he hurried back. He had heard the name of the other party for a long time, but he had never thought of begging Fu Guoren to such an extent. Qi Fu Guoren also secretly eat a drive, did not think of Yan Fei change move so say then come, want to go then go. Otherwise, if his cloak full of true spirit and ingenuity sweeps his sword, he will be able to seize the opportunity to use the exquisite technique to seize the opponent's sword. Fortunately, now that Yan Fei has been defeated, he only needs to take advantage of the situation to ensure that Yan Fei has no power to fight back. The two-foot-eight-inch Xuan Iron Ruler came to his hand and rushed forward. The Xuan Iron Ruler in the Northern Wulin Smell Gallbladder hit Yan Fei like a shadow. Peng! Peng! Peng! The sound of the exchange of energy sounded constantly, and the fire splashed everywhere. Qifu Guoren unexpectedly met three invisible and solid sword gases, each of which blocked his progress, and finally the momentum disappeared. This is the first time that Qifu Guorenshang has encountered such swordsmanship. It turned out that Yan Feipiao sent out a sword before retreating, and laid a triple air net on the retreating route, forcing Qifu Guoren to be unable to take advantage of the situation to pursue fiercely. In the eyes of Yan Fei, although Qifu Guoren still seemed to be menacing on the surface, he knew that Qifu Guoren was in an awkward moment when the old force had disappeared and the new force had not yet been born. He did not grasp the opportunity, and his hands were full of green awn, turning into a rain of empty swords, swinging at this terrible opponent. To his surprise, Qifu Guoren did not retreat, nor did he block it with an iron ruler. Instead, he crouched on the ground and shook his head. His hair, which was as long as his chest, was like a bunch of cloth and brushed into the core of the sword rain, hitting his butterfly love flower. Yan Fei's precious blade seemed to have been hit by a heavy hammer and almost got rid of it. The meridians in his body were about to crack, and it was extremely difficult. Knowing that life and death were tied to this moment, he struggled to lift the True Qi and took advantage of the situation to spin it away. The butterfly love flower turned into a blue rainbow sword gas that swam all over his body, making a tight defense. Qifu Guoren laughed proudly, jumped up and flew to Yanfei's head. The black iron ruler was all-pervasive, and there was no gap to find Yanfei's fierce attack. Yan Fei has taken advantage of the momentum of rotation to invade the body, and when he sees that the strategy of begging for national benevolence is so brilliant, his heart cries out, and the butterfly loves the flower to fight back. The clear sound of "Ding Ding Dong Dong" kept ringing, and Qi Fu Guoren kept rising and falling on the top of Yan Fei's head, while Yan Fei tried his best to deal with this terrible opponent, which made him exhausted and overwhelming, and kept retreating in the direction of Yingshui. In the blink of an eye, Yan Fei had already blocked the real strength of Qifu Guoren's move, but it was light and heavy, and there was no way to change it. He could attack more than ten blows from any angle. Bang! Qifu Guoren somersaulted in the air and kicked the tip of Yan Fei's sword heavily with his right foot. The irresistible force hit the body, and Yan Fei's hand holding the sword was numb and painful, but he was kicked and stumbled back. Qifu Guoren was also hurt by the force of his anti-shock,naringenin price, so he had to somersault again and fall down from the air. Suddenly, the distance between them was pulled to twenty feet. Yan Fei finally stood still and spurted out a small mouthful of blood with a sound of "wow", and the butterfly love flower pointed to her opponent. prius-biotech.com


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