The Archaic Covenant

"Don't sit there alone, thinking and talking. That gutless thing is quite satisfied with you. Don't doubt or confuse anything. He didn't show up to meet you because it's not necessary.

"Don't sit there alone, thinking and talking. That gutless thing is quite satisfied with you. Don't doubt or confuse anything. He didn't show up to meet you because it's not necessary. If you have a big hole in your chest, you can see him.". A lot of things are very simple. I hate your thinking logic that likes to complicate things. If you don't understand, you can ask questions. If you keep it in your heart, you will only get farther and farther away from the right answer. "This.." Yes Still can not find the appropriate response language, Shimada Katsumi secretly called fierce, his thoughts are completely in the control of the undead bird, this is no wonder, but the other side of the elf world is second only to the inflammation of the elf king "Mikael" burning sea, spiritual sensitivity is absolutely extraordinary. Meeting Rimet will be the most important part of your life, and if you have a chance to communicate with him, I believe he will tell you so. Turning to the simple man again: "Rimet, almost, remember to help me hone Amret!" " With that, jumping fifty centimeters from the head of the army, the undead bird's body swelled several times, and its wings spread out, wrapping the whole army on the sofa. At this point, the image of the undead bird disappeared, leaving only a large flame to cover the army. The army was like a cremated corpse, burning from head to foot. It's a good thing it's not a real chemical fire, or my sofa would be finished. With a wink to Sean, the simple man walked to the room. Brother Liang! Is that all right? Ke Si called out nervously. Holding the doorknob of the door,plastic cosmetic tubes, the simple man turned his head and said, "What?" "I mean, are we just going to abandon the army?" "What do you mean by abandoning it?" Turning the door to let Sean go in first, Liang Tuzhen said with a smile, "His patron saint has done it. Don't worry. There is no other way to deal with it better than burning the sea. At present, he has no worries about his life. It's only a matter of time before he jumps up and does something stupid again." After listening to Rimet's confident words, Ke Si stopped worrying and asked, "So, what should I do next?" "Just like me." Isn't the Japanese boy tired? But I was exhausted: "Go to sleep." At the end of the speech,eye cream packaging tube, the simple man raised his arms and stretched himself, and walked into the door wearily. Today the whole day can be said to be extremely chaotic, in addition to the injustice to wash away the reputation of the underwear thief is a good thing, the other, is to cut constantly also chaotic trouble, he believes that as nothing, peace of mind to sleep, will be a very wise choice. Watching the door closed, Shimada Katsumi stood for a while, for what he saw and heard today, from tracing the clan to burning the sea halberd, although he had an excellent mind, but the clues and information were not enough, his thinking logic was clear and useless. After thinking about it again and again, the words of the burning sea hovered in his mind. Then, he raised his hand and lifted the hair in front of his forehead. He made a decision. For the time being, tube lip gloss ,plastic laminted tube, don't ask anything! It is said that there are three kinds of people in the world, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who don't know what happens. As the handsome boy walked back to his room, he said, "If an ignorant man wants to be happy, he must have no thought." ※※※※※ South of the Tropic of Cancer, in the Pacific Ocean between Asia and North America, there is a resort that people will probably put at the top three on their list when they think about where to go for vacation abroad. It is also known as Aloha, the fiftieth state of the United States of America, which contains eight volcanic islands. Although there are eight volcanic islands, only six are actually open for sightseeing, of which "Kahurawi Island" and "Niihau Island" are not open. The former is an important place for the US military, and it is a matter of course that it is not open to tourism, while the latter is privately owned. Generally speaking, it is only possible for an enterprise group to own such a large area of industry, but the owner of Niihau Island is a single individual. In this way, it arouses people's reverie. He is not just rich or very rich, he is very rich! In addition, Niihau Island is not a desert island, with such a tropical island rich in tourism resources but do not rely on profit, but also shows that the degree of wealth has been rich as a country. Who is such a magnificent man? Bill, the software guy? Of course not, the owner of Niihau Island is a member of the Archaic Relics, but it is not enough to look at him only with the shallow knowledge of "an orc", because even the Archaic Relics, his existence is absolutely extraordinary. On the sea erosion platform in the northeast of Niihau Island, facing the equatorial sun that can tan anyone's skin, an old Chinese man in a flowery shirt and hot pants is lying on his back on a beach chair with his eyes closed. This is his habit for nearly ten years, from sunrise to sunset, except for rain, there has never been an interruption. Do you know the reason why I am called a wise man? The object of the casual question was a gorgeous woman standing on one side, with almost black crimson lip gloss on her lips, wearing the traditional clothes of women of the race, wrapped in a "dark close-fitting leather coat" all over her body, and a dangerous and gorgeous atmosphere, which made her particularly incompatible with the lively tropical scenery of this southern island. After spending three hours in the sun with the old man, he was finally willing to open his mouth. The beautiful woman replied with careful flattery: "Naturally, it's because you, the owner of the cave, know the changes in the overall situation like the palm of your hand. You have a thorough analysis of the inside story. The predictions you have made have never been mistaken." "Otherwise, that may be one of the reasons, but many people also have a good grasp of the trend of the overall situation. In the past 20 years, they have made much more judgments about the world than the old man, and they have not made any mistakes. So why is it that only the old man is called wise by others?" Hearing the name of Luna, the beautiful woman's eyes twitched slightly for a moment. She replied respectfully, "Xin Dai doesn't know. Please ask the master of the cave to speak." "Because the old man." Old enough! The owner of the cave laughed at himself and said, "Oh, there is no age limit for the king and the overlord. As long as the charm and other elements are properly matched, only reading this wise man, even if he is smart,polyfoil tube, he is not old enough or not qualified." Yes, old! Now 143 years old, you are called old and immortal by everyone. You are really old and amazing!.


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