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"Guest, I'm sorry, our inn has been booked by guests, and we don't accept outside guests for the time being." When the bartender saw Chu Yifan's arrival, he thought they were going to stay in the hotel, and when they didn't speak, he said aloud first.

"Guest, I'm sorry, our inn has been booked by guests, and we don't accept outside guests for the time being." When the bartender saw Chu Yifan's arrival, he thought they were going to stay in the hotel, and when they didn't speak, he said aloud first. Little brother, you made a mistake. We're here to find someone. Ouyang Feifan smiled gently at the bartender. "Looking for someone?" "Exactly." Ouyang Feifan nodded, "we are looking for the people who pack your inn." "Oh, well, come with me, please, and I'll take you there." The bartender nodded to them and led them to the second floor. On the second floor, Ada Valley had just come out of their room, ready to wash their faces and wait on Asdam, when they saw the bartender leading Chu Yifan up. "A few guests, these two gentlemen are looking for you." The bartender said to Adagu. Adagu knew that Chu Yifan was the husband of the queen's sister,collapsible bulk container, so he nodded to the bartender. "Brother Duolao, go down first." —————————————————— Here comes the second watch!!! Reunion Chapter 223: I am your uncle. "Father, Mother will wake up, won't she?" In front of the white tent, Asaqi and Aluoyu suppressed their little faces and looked at their father, who had been looking at their mother in silence. Last night,plastic pallet manufacturer, my aunt said that my mother would wake up today, and the two little guys were so excited that they didn't fall asleep all night. Now two pairs of big eyes are hanging under the thick black eye, like a bear. "Well, I'll wake up." Asdam nodded and answered in the affirmative. Just a sleepless night, he still did not adjust to a good mood, wake up, stunning will restore memory? Or is it worse that she will forget herself? "Knock, knock, knock" A knock on the door alarmed Asdam, who motioned to his two children to watch over his wife. He stood up, opened the door, and saw Adagu and Chu Yifan and Ouyang Feifan behind him. "It was you." Ouyang Feifan saw Asdam standing in front of him and felt inexplicably complicated. Eight years ago, mobile garbage bin ,drum spill containment, he used frivolous words in front of them, then kidnapped her, separated their brother and sister, and suffered from anxiety. Eight years later, when he stood in front of him, he became his second brother-in-law. God is really good at joking. "I'm sorry." Asdam took the lead in apologizing to Ouyang Feifan, which would have been impossible for him in the past. But now because of his love for Ouyang, he was naturally able to think for her, thinking that he had taken her away and separated their brother and sister, and now he felt sorry, but only sorry, but never regretted it. Ouyang special to see him take the initiative to apologize, originally full of anger also disappeared. Deep eyes just looked at him, and then said: "Is Stunning Awake?" "Not yet." Asdam shook his head, then stepped back and let Ouyang Feifan and Chu Yifan into the room. In front of the bed, Asaqi and Aluoyu looked at Ouyang Feifan and Chu Yifan who came in with their eyes wide open. Chu Yifan had seen them last night and knew that they were their aunt's husband and their uncle. But who is this uncle who is also very good-looking? The appearance of the two little guys with big watery eyes provoked Ouyang's extraordinary chuckle. "Are you Asaqi and Little Jade?" Asaqi is very much like the man who kidnapped his sister, while the little girl is a complete copy of the stunning childhood, the same petite and lovely. "Who are you?" Asazi and Aluoyu looked at each other and asked with a wink. "I am your uncle." Ouyang extraordinary looked at the two children eyes full of love, especially for the little jade son, he treated her more kind of want to put the stunning love and guilt are transferred to her, more love her. "Uncle?" The two children opened their mouths in surprise. It turned out that they had not only aunts, but also uncles. The two men looked at their father, Asdam. Asdam nodded and smiled at the surprise of the children. "Qi Er, Xiao Yu Er, would you like to go to your uncle's house to play? There is a big brother in your uncle's house who can play with you!" Ouyang Feifan simply crouched down and looked at the two children and said. "Uncle's house?" Asazi and Arroyo were a little confused before shaking their heads. We want to be with our father and mother. Although they also want to visit their uncle's house and meet their new brother. But they prefer to stay with their father and mother. "What a good boy." Ouyang Feifan reached out and touched their little heads, stood up, and then looked at Asdam. "We came here today to take you to the Princess's House." "To the Princess Mansion?" Asdam frowned. He thought it would be nice to live here. Anyway, they all booked the inn, and there were no outsiders to disturb them. "Yes." Chu Yifan interface, "brother-in-law, you know, Qingcheng has just given birth to a baby, but also need confinement, but she does not trust the second sister, if let her go back and forth between the princess mansion and the inn, then she can not rest well, later will fall ill.". Besides, the princess mansion is also more convenient, I believe that the second sister would like to see Qingcheng and eldest brother often when she wakes up. Asdam did not hear the words behind him,spill plastic pallet, and his ears were filled with Chu Yifan's brother-in-law. I didn't expect him to forgive him so easily and call him brother-in-law. The heart is very excited, even when he defeated Koiva, he was never so excited and happy. 。


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