The fox's wife

After thinking about it, she made the decision to leave-she knew that if she didn't cut the Gordian knot, she would not be able to leave, and her feelings for Murong Boyu had reached the point of addiction.

After thinking about it, she made the decision to leave-she knew that if she didn't cut the Gordian knot, she would not be able to leave, and her feelings for Murong Boyu had reached the point of addiction. What The most unexpected is not Shangguanhao husband and wife, but Murong Boyu, in Qiyuhao just and, was specially introduced by Qiyuhao and his understanding, the girl's eyes are only their own, and later is desperate to follow their own everywhere looking for wine girl, he knows that even if all the people in the world leave him, Qiyuhao will never abandon behind him. But why all of a sudden did she stop? "An urgent letter came from home asking me to hurry back!" Qi Yujuan did not want to make things too clear, but found an excuse, but everyone knows that this excuse is far-fetched. Urgent letter? What urgent letter? Murong Boyu frowned. He didn't care about Qi Yujuan, but he cared about her sudden change. His first reaction was whether she was deliberately playing tricks? Do you want to see if you choose to follow her or go after the wine girl? In that case, she would think too highly of herself! "My father said there was something urgent for me to go back quickly. As for what it was, it was not easy to say directly in the letter, so it was not written clearly." Qi Yujuan did not think that Murong Boyu could think so much,Time Delay Tap, nor did she know that the wine girl had left, nor did she think that they had collided at the time they chose. Then hurry back! Shangguan Hao is very polite to Qi Yujuan, although the girl is a little silly, impulsive, but also a good girl, she and Pinting's feelings are also good, this should be more polite to her. I don't have time to send you back! Murong Boyu is very direct way,stainless steel toilet, have that time he might as well go after the wine girl! "I know!" It is impossible to say that it is not sad, but Qi Yujuan is still very good to control their emotions, she has long expected Murong Boyu will have a cold attitude, he would say so is not unexpected, if he said to accompany himself back to Yunzhou is an accident! "Then you." Murong Boyu frowned, knowing that he would go back to Yunzhou? "I've packed all my things, and now I've said goodbye to my uncle, aunt and brother, so Yujuan will leave!" Qi Yujuan did not want to say anything more to him, she was worried that she would be reluctant to leave after saying more, but what was the use of staying? Only increase their own sad, but also let him more and more hate themselves, stainless steel squatting pan ,Flush Retrofit Kit, it is better to return him a quiet, and their own peace of mind to be married. Anyway, regardless of his wishes, two people's wedding will certainly be held, to stay with him, the future is long! Qi Yujuan looked at himself with reluctance, but what Murong Boyu heard was completely incompatible with his expression: "I'm going back. I may not be able to come out before the wedding, and I can't see Boyu again. Please take care of Boyu!" This This Looking at the sad figure of Qi Yujuan, Murong Boyu also had some indescribable taste in his heart, but immediately, he thought of the wine girl, did not care to think about it, and immediately hurried to say goodbye to Shangguanhao and his wife, ready to go after the beauty-she and Yin Honglan were all the way, must have gone back to Lizhou, and it would not be wrong to go after Lizhou. Alas, Shangguan Hao shook his head and said to Shangguan Jue, "Try not to associate with him in the future." "My son knows!" Shangguan Jue also shook his head, unable to think clearly about Murong Boyu's actions. |lyg021| Chapter 263 of the main text "Wine Girl" "Young master, there is a girl who claims to be your old friend and asks for an interview outside the door." It was the gatekeeper of the other courtyard who reported back to Shangguan Jue, and there was a trace of indescribable surprise and strangeness on his face. "My old friend?" Shangguan Jue frowned. What old friend would come to him? "Well," the concierge took one look at Shangguan Jue and said, "The younger one looks just like Miss Mo who left three days ago. She's about the same height and wears that exquisite butterfly mask, but she doesn't sound like Miss Mo." Of course not Mi'er! Shangguan Jue is sure that Mi Er has gone back now. Mi Er and Yin Honglan have gone back to Lizhou. Yesterday, Yin Honglan sent a letter from someone. It is very obscure that Mi Er is already in the Lotus Nunnery. He can take her home from the nunnery when he goes back, while their husband and wife are one step ahead. I went to Youzhou to discuss with Murong Qugui about preparing a cemetery for Yu Huan. There was also a letter from Shangguan Jin, saying that Murong Boyu did not know why he was a guest at home and stayed in the south courtyard. Shangguan Jue and Shangguan Hao frowned and felt that this person was becoming more and more unreliable. But who could this person be? Wearing a generic butterfly mask and claiming to be your old friend? It's very strange! "I'll go and have a look!" "Shangguan Jue wanted to know where this man came from. She immediately motioned to the concierge to lead the way. When she arrived at the gate of the other courtyard, she saw a young woman dressed up as a wine girl." There you are at last! When the woman saw Shangguan Jue with some displeasure, she said directly, "The threshold of an aristocratic family is really high. I've said that you and I are friends, but we're still dragging our feet for half a day. Are you worried that I won't be able to fight the autumn wind?" Voice and "wine girl" is 80% similar, if not Shangguan Jue heart has been suspected, it is really likely to be deceived in the past, who is this woman? Why are you dressed like this? 'What's The matter? Don't you recognize me? The woman is a little perturbed, her dress has been successfully deceived to the big young master of the Qi family, there should be no problem! "Of course not, it's just a surprise!" Shangguan Jue is 100% sure that the woman in front of her is definitely a fake, but what does she want to get by pretending to be a wine girl? "I didn't really want to come, I just came to Yan Hui to have a look, and then I suddenly thought of you,Concealed Flush Valve, so I came!" The woman was slightly relieved, and it seemed that the eldest young master of the Shangguan family was not very smart, and was also frightened by his own dress.


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