Little sister

Chen Cheng nodded, squatted down in front of the suitcase, and turned out a change of clothes. She paused and dug out the wishing bottle from the bottom.

Chen Cheng nodded, squatted down in front of the suitcase, and turned out a change of clothes. She paused and dug out the wishing bottle from the bottom. Fine sequins flutter. She took out a roll of paper and opened it. It was blank. Alright. Sure enough, he is a real straight man. After thinking for a while, Chen Cheng took out a pen, bit open the cap with his teeth, and carefully wrote a line of words on the roll of paper. I like you, too. Ten minutes ago, Chen Cheng made a joke around the paradoxical confession, but wrote down the true answer from the bottom of his heart on the paper. Chapter 29 Snowy Night. The loess was painted with a layer of gold by the sunset, and the white spots on it were slowly melting. It snowed here last night, leaving two deep and shallow footprints. Deng Xi and Yu Ziming have also flown to assemble with the army. Wait until the venue, the program group will thoroughly take measures to raise them, ask three do not know, all rely on their own to explore, is really a poor travel. The program group prepared a business car for them to travel, and Li Shiqi drove. Where is all this? Zhao Tu rolled down the window and looked out. When the cold wind mixed with dust blew in, Deng Xi lifted his eyelids and irritably pulled down the sunglasses on his head. "Close the window," he said. "It's all sand." "Oh." Zhao Tu Tu stuck out his tongue and leaned close to Chen Cheng, who was sitting next to him, winking at the little actions of some girls, silently accusing Deng Xi of being difficult to get along with. Chen Cheng smiled and said nothing more. Yu Ziming sat in the co-driver's seat, tinkering with the navigation, entering the address arranged by the program group, from which the mechanical girl came out. He put the phone on the stand. "Okay, follow this." Everyone was not familiar with it, and after a few casual pleasantries, there was nothing to say. But Yu Ziming is the first to break the silence, he is now just fire up the little fresh meat, new Jin flow, but also because the acting is not good by many people criticized. Chen Cheng, we've met before. Do you remember? Yu Ziming turned back and asked. Chen Cheng thought for a while and had no impression: "Huh?"? When "Two years ago, our military training was in the same place, and I sneaked into the infirmary to rest and happened to meet you." Chen Cheng: "Are we from the same school?" "No, wasn't it a typhoon that year? Our school was flooded, and then I came to your place to borrow the venue." Three days before the military training that year, there was a typhoon. After the typhoon, the training continued, but the temperature rose rapidly. Chen Cheng's physique was so poor that he fainted immediately after several days of sunshine. Yu Ziming: "Later, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,Precision steel tubes, when I saw the list of program members, I thought it looked familiar, but I didn't think it was really you." Zhao Tu Tu gave a cry and immediately put on a gossip face: "You are not right. It was two years ago when we met. Do you still remember it?" Deng Xi, who had been sleeping with his eyes closed, sighed and put on his headphones. The meaning was obvious. Chen Cheng patted her: "Don't make fun of me. I was so dizzy that my face turned pale. I was so scared that people could remember it for two years." Yu Ziming said quickly: "Yes, I wonder if you can come to this kind of program with such a poor physical quality." He is in the ascendant period, is not the strength faction that divinatory symbol, makes the scandal and so on the matter to have to listen to the company arrangement completely, also Chen Cheng has given the step he also along. Chen Cheng smiled. "It's much better now. Let's try it." The car ran for about half an hour, and the sunset was getting hotter and hotter. There was no activity on the first day, so I just went back to my residence to clean up and prepare for tomorrow's task. I didn't expect to find a place. This place is right, isn't it? Why is it getting more and more remote? Li Shiqi also opened more and more muttering. Yu Ziming: "The navigation is in this direction. It shows that there are still 20 kilometers left." "Twenty kilometers?"? So far? Li Shiqi, "our car is running out of gas." "Huh?" Zhao Tu Tu was startled for a moment and looked back at the car behind him. "It should be all right. The shooting team is all behind. When the time comes, borrow some oil." Deng Xi snorted coldly and glanced at the monitoring in the corner of the car: "The program group will not borrow it. It is necessary to see this kind of content." Li Shiqi: "Forget it, I'll look for a gas station first." In the last few hundred meters of fuel exhaustion, they failed to find a gas station, and the car was still parked in the deserted Gobi Desert, with a few short grass in bits and pieces. Li Shiqi tried to start several times and ended in failure, but announced that the car was unable to go. Deng Xi pushed the door directly and got out of the car. She had long legs and wore tight denim shorts. She looked very beautiful in the orange desert. Chen Cheng and Zhao Tu Tu followed closely. Chen Cheng picked up his camera and took a picture of her back in the direction of Deng Xi. Zhao Tu grabbed her camera and said, "You look good when you take a picture!" Chen Cheng: "I'll take it for you next time." "Yes!" Zhao Tu Tu is happy. Deng Xi walked directly to the camera team's car, the window rolled down, as if they were arguing about something, others stood aside and did not pass, occasionally came a few words, such as tents, kettles and so on. Yu Ziming immediately said, "It's over." After a while, Deng Xi came back, shaking off the shawl on his shoulder and tying it around his waist to prevent his legs from being directly exposed to the hot sun. They said they couldn't provide us with gasoline, but they could provide us with tents, water and food we needed. Zhao Tu Tu exclaimed, "Sleeping here?"? You'll freeze to death at night! Deng Xi glanced at her and said, "The temperature is 10 degrees below zero at night. They said they would prepare a bonfire for us. Anyway, it's all for the effect of the program." Deng Xi is not afraid to say bluntly in front of the camera that the program group is not good, anyway, when the time comes will be cut, besides, her personality has always been a cool type. The program group made up their minds to let them set up a tent to live here. Several people were not people who could speak in the circle. Deng Xi had a bad temper and had a quarrel with them, but it was fruitless, so he had to do it. Soon, the program group sent tents, quilts and other daily necessities. Yu Ziming and Li Shiqi naturally took the responsibility of setting up the tent,side impact door beams, while the three girls were responsible for today's dinner, and the ingredients were provided by the program group. Sister Deng Xi, we're going to carry water. Will you go too? Zhao Tu Tu asked.


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