Dressed as the villain's wife.

In front of this small interaction is to let Jiang sugar tense nerves relaxed down, she hugged the shallow soft body, smelling the sweet milk fragrance, the heart finally fell into peace. Looking at his wife's gentle expression, Lin Suizhou did not care about the children teasing him

In front of this small interaction is to let Jiang sugar tense nerves relaxed down, she hugged the shallow soft body, smelling the sweet milk fragrance, the heart finally fell into peace. Looking at his wife's gentle expression, Lin Suizhou did not care about the children teasing him and asked softly, "Why did you come here?" "We are worried about our mother." With these words, Liang Shen carefully grabbed her hand and blew on the wound wrapped in the bandage. "It won't hurt." "No, no." Shallow anxious to push away the beam deep, to the wound out of thin air a grasp, and then the window opened a crack, forced the hands of the "things" thrown out, "so the pain flew away ~ ~" Shallow shining big eyes looked at Jiang Tang, carefully asked: "Mom is still painful?" Jiang Tang suppressed a smile and said, "It won't hurt if you kiss your mother." Shallow beep mouth lost in thought, she did not know what to think of, little face twisted into a ball, shallow looking at Jiangtang, is very entangled: "I want to kiss Ouyang brother in the future,Precision Welded pipes, can not kiss mother." …… Brother Ouyang. Lin Suizhou's eyelids jumped, after so long, how could she not forget that Ouyang brother? Jiang Tang: "Which is more important, brother Ouyang or mother?" Shallow frowning more tightly, she could not help biting her finger, the eyes of help fell on the first day of junior high school. On the first day of junior high school, he shook his little feet and gave his younger sister his attention: "You can hand over Mada to your father and let him kiss you." Hear this word,Cold Drawn Tubes, shallow shallow be suddenly enlightened: "Right, elder brother you are really too clever!" She covered her mouth and giggled twice. She looked at Lin Suizhou with a straight face. "Dad, can you help me kiss my mother?" “……” “…………” It turned out that his eldest son was an "undercover"! Chapter 105 105 After a day's rest at home, Jiang Tang's mental state finally recovered. As for the experience of the program group in Zhaoxi Village, the media have reported it first. This sudden situation has frightened many people. For a while, they are all concerned about the safety of the guests and children, and some are even curious about what they have suffered. Because of Lin Suizhou's backstage reasons, the director also said that he would broadcast all the causes of the incident, so that the audience would not be impatient. The next day, Jiang Tang received an invitation from the program group, to the effect that she should attend the press conference of "Life Journey". She thought about it, and finally declined the director group on the grounds of injury. The director did not insist, and hung up the phone after a few words. Director Qian called? As soon as the phone hung up, stainless steel 304 pipes ,beam impact tubes, Lin Suizhou came in with a breakfast in his hand. Jiang Tang hum and put his cell phone on the table. Not going to the green party? Jiang Tang shakes shake one's head: "did not go, I am afraid that the reporter makes things difficult for the child." In the face of all kinds of questions raised by reporters, she can do it with ease. Maybe the children. There are so many people in that area. Don't be scared. Lin Suizhou bent his eyes and smiled. He gently put down his breakfast and pulled her to sit on the soft chair. He looked down at the bandage on Jiang Tang's wrist that had not been removed. He spoke softly: "Does the wound still hurt?" She rolled her wrist and said, "It doesn't hurt anymore. It's a minor injury. It doesn't matter." "Get in the way." Lin Suizhou held his cheek in one hand and looked at her. "Sesame is also in the way." Jiang Tan, who was drinking porridge, stiffened and almost choked. After a pause, she casually changed the subject. "Aren't you going to work?"? It's eight o'clock. Lin Suizhou glanced at the clock and glanced away: "I'm absent from work." “……” The boss is capricious. Jiang Tang did not speak, and Ann finished the breakfast. Lin Suizhou said that he was really absent from work. He didn't go anywhere. He just stayed by Jiang Tang's side, hanging around her like a follower. When she went to the garden, he went to the garden too. When she slept, he slept with her. Even when she went to the bathroom, he would stare at her. Jiang sugar is a little annoyed, but it is not easy to say anything, after all, this is someone else's home, she can not decide, not to mention Lin Suizhou did not do anything out of line, even the words did not say a few more words. Perhaps it was interesting to see them, the other three children did not play, learning to follow their father around behind Jiang Tang's buttocks, waiting for her to sit on the living room sofa to read the newspaper, several people sat down together, four pairs of eyes fell straight on Jiang Tang. Jiang Tang: "… …" I can't bear to read this newspaper. She coughed and looked up. "That …" Do you want to play games? Shallow tilt head: "We are not playing games?" Liang Shen looked shallow, then looked at Jiang Tang, pouted and complained: "The game of following the fart bug is not fun, let's change one." Jiang Tang twisted his eyebrows and asked cooperatively, "What do you want to play?" Liang Shen nodded his head and pondered for a moment. His eyes lit up and he said, "Let's play hide-and-seek!" "Shallow also wants to play hide and seek!" The two children blushed and looked very cute. On the first day of junior high school, they looked up at their brother and sister and got up in silence. "I'm going to do my homework." As soon as he took a step, the belt of the suspenders was hooked by Lin Suizhou. "Don't go, play with everyone." On the first day of junior high school, the little face was entangled: "School is about to start, and I have to do my homework." Lin Suizhou was ungrateful and said with an expressionless face, "There is still a month to go. Besides, haven't you finished your homework long ago?" Unable to refute, he sighed and sat back in his seat. "Then, then play for half an hour." He has to do exercises and English listening. He is very busy. After waiting for a person to sit down entirely, Jiang Tang begins to announce a rule: "Say first good, the limits that hide can be in the house only, must not go out." After the children answered together, they officially started the first round of the game. It was very uncomfortable. Jiang Tang drew the ghost at the beginning. She ordered her back to the sofa to count. After counting a hundred, she slowly stood up from the sofa. To be honest,stainless steel tube 304, playing hide-and-seek with children is really boring because there is no challenge at all. Looking at the shallow hiding behind the potted plants showing half of his buttocks, Jiang Tang felt helpless and funny in his heart. She sighed in her heart and shouted at Shallow in front of her, "Is Shallow behind the potted plant?" 。 cbiesautomotive.com


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