There is a kind of ambiguity called female by Qingjia.

But Tang Jing's clothes are still wet, wearing on the body is particularly uncomfortable, wet and sticky, in this rainy night is likely to catch a cold, helpless

But Tang Jing's clothes are still wet, wearing on the body is particularly uncomfortable, wet and sticky, in this rainy night is likely to catch a cold, helpless, Tang Jing had to go to Xia Zhichen's room to find clothes that can be changed, looked for it again, then took a white village shirt from him to change, jeans although some wet, but still can wear, walked down the hall, looked at Xia Zhichen's face and slept peacefully. She was relieved. Sitting on the sofa opposite him, holding the side of the brain, looking at Xia Zhichen's face, Tang Jing slowly and tiredly closed her eyes, she also wanted to go home, but it was raining heavily outside, and it was undoubtedly a fool's dream to stop a taxi in such a place, so she simply thought, sleep here tonight! It is also good to observe whether Xia Zhichen has any other symptoms. The night outside is faintly with thunder, but the villa is a warm picture, under the soft light, in the delicate, two sleeping people, breathing is so even, so calm. In the middle of the night, Xia Zhichen woke up from a nightmare. Maybe it was the shadow of the accident that made him sleep restlessly. In his dream, he dreamed that the person standing in front of his car was Tang Jing. So, he was so frightened that he woke up with a shock. However, when he saw that he was in his villa, he took a breath and looked away slightly. He saw the person curled up with a pillow on the opposite sofa. His cold heart suddenly warmed up, his thin lips raised a smile, he gently got off the sofa, covered his thin quilt on Tang Jing's body, close to his face, he quietly looked at her sleeping, curly eyelashes like a fan, pretty nose, slightly open red lips,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, breathing evenly and slightly, messy hair covered her little face. Dressed in a white shirt, she was sexy for no reason. Xia Zhichen could not bear the temptation in front of her. Her thin lips approached and gently printed a kiss on her white and tender side face. Tang Jing, who was sleeping, moved her eyebrows slightly, but did not wake up. Xia Zhichen looked at her lovely appearance and was in a good mood again. Xia Zhichen had a slight cleanliness, felt the dampness on his body, he was very uncomfortable to go into the bathroom, in the mirror to see his head bandaged, handsome face slightly pale, he pressed the bath water, ready to take a bath. After a while, Xia Zhichen came out in a white bathrobe and went to one side to pour a glass of red wine for himself and drink it quietly, just looking at the opposite woman calmly, not bored, not bored, only calm. Early morning sunshine refracted through the glass, reflecting a circle of time, Tang Jing woke up from sleep, misty eyes just touched the face of Xia Zhichen, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, she sat up in surprise, hurriedly made her own messy hair, some embarrassed asked, "When did you wake up?" "A little earlier than you." Xia Zhichen did not want to say that he woke up in the middle of the night, for fear of provoking her displeasure. Tang Jing said, "You are a patient, you should rest more." "It's just a few minor injuries. Don't treat me as a patient." Xia Zhichen is not angry to refute for oneself, but, brows a pick, he had another idea, not by low ah, stroking the forehead handsome face pain unceasingly, "ah." Tang Jing was frightened by his expression, and quickly got up and went over to ask with concern, "What's wrong with you?" "My head hurts." Xia Zhichen murmured. Let's go to see a doctor! You must have hurt yourself somewhere. Tang Jing is very eager. Xia Zhichen shook his head sadly, for Tang Jing this eager expression, the bottom of his heart is secretly pleased, he will back behind the sofa, murmured, "today you stay to take care of me!" Tang Jing sat down with some puzzlement and tried to persuade him, "Why don't you go to see a doctor?"? Although your injury is a minor one, if it is infected, it will become a major one. "I hate the smell of hospitals." Xia Zhichen is full of reasons. You Tang Jing also took him no way, but at this time, Xia Zhichen raised his eyebrows, "Oh!"! I forgot. I have a private doctor. "Ah!"! Then why don't you hurry up and get him to look at it for you? Tang Jing roared eagerly. Xia Zhichen picked up the phone slowly and said to her, "I'm hungry. Can you go and buy me food and cook?" "It's not easy to take a taxi here. You can ask someone to deliver the meal." Tang Jing replied. I contacted the assistant and he will be here in about ten minutes. Let him drive you out. Xia Zhichen finished, unplugged the doctor's phone, finished the phone call, Xia Zhichen assistant's car has arrived, is a man in his forties, looks very smart, see Xia Zhizhen injured, hurry to come over. General Manager Xia, what's going on? Do you want to inform the chairman? The assistant is very concerned. General Manager Xia raised his eyebrows and said with some displeasure, "It's just a small matter. I've asked the doctor to come and check it. There's no need to inform my father. Oh, yes, I asked you to send this young lady out to buy vegetables." The assistant was stunned. He looked up at Tang Jing and suddenly understood something. He said with a smile, "What do you call this young lady?" "My surname is Tang and my name is Tang Jing." Tang Jing introduced himself. General Manager Xia will rest at home, and I will report to you about the company at any time. With that, he left with Tang Jing. Tang Jing didn't want to stay any longer, but she couldn't bear to see Xia Zhichen like this. As a friend, she should take care of him. Of course, Tang Jing didn't think much about it. This is the way Xia Zhichen cheated her to stay. On the way, Tang Jing answered Ni Yinghan's phone, sweet words are not, but every word is full of affection, let Tang Jing listen to the heart warm, but also made an appointment for dinner tonight, the side of the assistant listening to Tang Jing's words, not surprised frowned, he thought Tang Jing was Xia Zhichen's girlfriend, but see her and other men so ambiguous, is he wrong? Buy food back or by the assistant pick up, Back to the villa of Xia Zhichen, See he is and a dressed in white big hang doctor in conversation, See TangJing back, The doctor also got up to leave, Before leaving, The doctor toward TangJing way, "Summer total wound knock deeper, Temporarily may also be accompanied by occasional headache symptoms,iron nail machine, Affect nerve thinking." He must not be left alone during this period, otherwise, he will be in trouble if something happens. 。


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