Reborn in the seventies

He said with a smile, "As long as the eldest brother invites the old man of longevity, no one will say no. They are eager to invite such a weighty person

The house is in an alley, the road is quite spacious, and it's not far to turn a corner. The door faces south, the red paint on the door is mottled and uneven, experiencing ups and downs, leaving traces of the years. The doorsill is made of wood and can be removed. After entering the door, the front is the screen wall, the left hand is a hanging flower door, after entering, a ten-meter-long bluestone road leads directly to the main room, and the left side is the inverted seat room. Willows were planted on both sides of the road, and there was a very thick pomegranate tree, which looked a little old, and a small pomegranate tree was in bud. The main room faces south and has four rooms. In the middle is a living room of more than 20 square meters, and both sides are used as bedrooms. Through the hall, is a small courtyard, leading to the backyard is a long corridor paved with green bricks, between the pillars of the corridor are fifty or sixty work points high benches connected. The long corridor divides the small courtyard into two parts, and there are three back cover rooms on the northernmost side, with green bricks and white walls, red eaves and green Fang, which are very charming. The house has always belonged to the owner's family, which is well preserved, except for the weeds growing in the yard, a little tidying up, it is a very good yard. Lan Xin was very satisfied with it, but she didn't know the price. Buying a house is not selling vegetables, and it is impossible to negotiate at once. With my aunt's son as a middleman, it was finally agreed that the Lanxin family would spend three thousand yuan to buy two quadrangles. Shen Ma thought it was very expensive, and Lan Xin thought it was worth it. To tell the truth, three thousand yuan is equivalent to the money an ordinary worker earns for ten years without eating or drinking, which is really not a small sum of money. But Lanxin knew that as long as the house was bought, it might rise to three million or more in the future, so she had to buy it anyway. Lan Xin put the money in Jiang Xuebing's passbook, as well as the wedding gift money, as well as the money given by Grandma Jiang when she came, plus the money brought by Shen Ma, just enough. Lan Xin took all the money with her. She had space and was not afraid of being stolen. She took the money just in case she used it. No, she spent it all at once. Lanxin, I think this house is a little expensive. We might as well ask about it before we buy it. Shen Ma felt that she had no money in her hand and had no idea when she was away from home. It's not at home. It doesn't cost money to eat and drink. Lan Xin said,L Methylfolate Factory, "Mom, if we have a house, we are afraid that we have no money. When the time comes, we can do anything.". If we grow some vegetables in the yard, we can save money. Now there are many people looking for us to make clothes. They have dozens of yuan of income every month, as well as the money sent by Xuebing. What are you afraid of? The money for buying a house will soon be earned back. Let's make more money later and buy a house for our brothers. When the time comes, we'll bring Dad here, and our family won't have to be separated. Although Lanxin they go to college, but can not spend much money, every month there are subsidies, like Lanxin and her sister-in-law, small appetite, food stamps can be left some. Also Shen Ma and Xiaoniuniu spend money, this expense, Jiang Xuebing's salary can afford. Besides, Lanxin has many ideas to make money, and she doesn't worry at all, but she just wants to do something that doesn't take up time and can make money. After the country promulgates the policy of reform and opening up, it can make money by doing anything. In the eighties, when gold was everywhere, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Kava Root Extract, Lan Xin, with her foreknowledge, would soon be able to make a full wallet. Re-register in the street office, find a middleman to write down the certificate, and the house will be owned by Lanxin. Now that you have bought a house, of course you don't have to rent a house. After tidying up the house, Shen Ma picked an auspicious day and moved to the newly bought house. , 66 updates When Niuniu was eleven months old, she would call her mother, which really surprised Lanxin. Come on, little darling, call your mother again. Lan Xin had nothing to do and began to play with her son. Mom Mom Niuniu is growing fast, and it is almost one year old in the blink of an eye. White fat little face, a pair of big black eyes flickering, pink toot toot small mouth moist, smile when showing a few white deciduous teeth, looks very cute. It's really my mother's little baby. I'll take you to Dad in a few days. With half a month to go before the summer vacation, Lan Xin is ready to take the child to his father. Lan Xin is very attentive to the child, since she bought a house, she and Shen Ma sleep separately. In order to let Shen Ma have a good rest at night, Lan Xin sleeps with the child. Although Shen Ma was afraid of disturbing Lanxin's sleep and volunteered to take her grandson, Lanxin did not agree. She euphemistically said that she wanted to exchange feelings with her son. Fortunately, Niuniu's little steamed stuffed bun is very good at night, as long as he urinates twice and feeds milk powder again. Lanxin prepared to come back from the summer vacation to avoid milk for the child. At that time, Niuniu was just more than one year old, which was the right time. Otherwise, the child would be older and more careful, and it would be difficult to avoid it. As soon as the day is hot, the beautiful ladies begin to wear colorful skirts. Lan Xin designed several elegant skirts, and after wearing them with her sister-in-law, she turned around a few times in the university and made a publicity for herself in disguise, and then took the opportunity to make a small profit. Over the past few months, word of mouth spread in a circle that Lanxin would make fashionable clothes. More and more people began to look for Lanxin to make clothes, especially the female students who loved beauty in school, as well as the young women who had jobs. Lan Xin not only knows how to do it herself, but also teaches her sister-in-law how to cut clothes. Lanxin's sister-in-law was already proficient in this area of things, she learned very quickly, Lanxin a little pass, the two partners made a lot of money, more money than work. Of course, Lan Xin did not fall behind in her study. The learning atmosphere in the university is high, the students speak actively in class, the reading room is full of people all day after class, and everyone cherishes the hard-won learning opportunities. On holidays, the school will arrange programs. There are many talented students, some of whom can play Go and chess, and some of them can play Erhu and Pipa, which enriches the spare time life of college students. Lan Xin has no special skills, singing is OK, but she does not have stage fright, occasionally singing a popular song to perform once, is a program for the class, to make some contributions. People who love life always feel that time is not enough, and they will pass away quietly day by day. No, summer vacation is coming. Lan Xin and Shen Ma explained all kinds of things, packed up their things, and were sent to the northbound train by their eldest brother and sister-in-law. As for the rest of the people, Shen Ma will leave in a few days, mainly to finish the work. Half a year did not go home, Shen Ma also worried about the situation at home, thinking of Shen Dad, she wanted to tell him the development of several children in the past six months, in Shen Ma's heart, their children are excellent,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, good appearance, good character, are good children.


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