Midnight Hades Marriage: The Ghost Husband Is Cute [End + Side Story]

He said with a smile, "As long as the eldest brother invites the old man of longevity, no one will say no. They are eager to invite such a weighty person

As if the whole viscera can follow the pain up, the next moment, in the dark, I fell into a cold and trembling embrace, accompanied by deep sadness and yearning. It even made my brain have a trance illusion in mind. Let me think, is not a sudden dream. Is it that everything hasn't happened yet, and he's still with me. It turns out that I already miss him, so incurable and neurotic. So let that excited and depressed, cold and trembling embrace, constantly tightening, tightening, tightening from behind, as if to drag me completely into his darkness forever. Into his bones and blood. Just when I thought I was going to cry. Pow.. All the light poles overhead were lit up again, everything was restored to order, and the brief chaos disappeared. But I was in a trance, as if someone had taken my heart out. I moved and almost fell to the ground. How are you, miss? The waiter gave me a hand. Don't worry I shook my hand and didn't have time to say hello to Zhao Xin. I left the wedding in a hurry and didn't even take a taxi. As soon as you get to a place where no one is. I instantly used the magic, my whole figure turned into a jade color, directly to the fastest speed home, a door, I have been sitting on the ground with tears streaming down my face. Jun Ye, what do you want? Yes, I do not feel wrong,Quillaja Saponin, just at the wedding banquet, that trembling sad embrace, I will not mistake, it is him, it must be him. Didn't he say that he had regarded everything in his previous life as a dream? Why did it suddenly appear again. There was no light in the room, so I was alone in the dark, tasting the sad tears, and I didn't know how long I had been so sad. The mobile phone rang suddenly. One sound after another. I answered the phone half a day later, it was Ye Qun,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and as soon as I answered it, there came Ye Qun's anxious voice. Miaomiao, something has happened in the underworld. Hearing this, my heart jumped. What's the matter? At this time, however, Ye Qun was not in a hurry to say anything. Instead, he turned around and continued to say, "Maybe it's a mess you like." "What's the trouble?" I admit I have little patience. Fine Ye Qun compromised, "we also just know, that day the city of the underworld to meet the bride, was you slapstick, but also vomit blood to leave, soon spread in the underworld, you see the night change of mind, abandoned the former princess of the Eldar.." "And then?" I asked. Then, before the wedding procession reached the city of the underworld, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, someone of the Eldar came to the door and fought with Junye. It was said that Junye was seriously injured, so it was estimated that he would not be able to get married for a while. Ye Qun's tone is quite a bit. A little schadenfreude. I didn't expect such a change of things. But I am more concerned about the Eldar who appeared than the change of the wedding in Hades. Even if the wedding in Hades has changed, the man who has changed his heart. Give it to me and I don't want it. The Eldar, is it Suyue? "Yes, that's him." Ye Qun nodded, and Ye Qun and Suyue's gratitude and resentment, although all from the Yin Taoist, but in the final analysis, he and Suyue still have enmity. So we didn't say much tacitly. Hung up the phone, I still did not turn on the light, groped in the dark, climbed to bed, in the moonlight outside the window, I took out the drawer, once Rong Qi sold me a diamond ring. Staring at it for a whole night. At the same time, I am also waiting for the arrival of Suyue. He's already been to Hades. Not surprisingly, he should be coming to me soon. I should know what's going on. Because even if Jun Ye said so cruel words, but I still do not believe that he will be willing to marry Lianji. Even if he can regard Su Miaoer as a dream, what about her. There are doubts about all this, and I don't want to pretend to be confused. Finally, when I was sitting alone in the middle of the night, I finally got a trace of spirit to enter my room, and then as soon as I opened my eyes, my light came automatically. Then appear in front of me, is suspended in the sky, white fluttering, beautiful Suyue, this is not like just a war in the underworld. Four eyes face each other. I looked at Suyue, and Suyue was also looking at me. Then, he laughed without delay, "I knew you were not promising to wipe your tears here. Sure enough, I guessed one by one. All right, all right. Don't cry. If you cry blind, no one will want you. You still have a big belly." "Can't you say something nice?" My voice was a little hoarse because I had cried. Su Yue, on the other hand, gave a sarcastic smile. His handsome appearance was full of cynicism and acrimony: "Ah, I don't think I speak well. Rong Qi speaks well. Hum, he's just a man with honey in his mouth and a sword in his belly. When did what he said to you come true honestly?" Volume IV Chapter 490 Pig-like Teammates Embarrassed, I turned my head and said, "Are you here to attack me?"? And there's one thing you haven't figured out yet. I held up a finger and compared it to him. What's the problem? Suyue was still suspended in the air, looking at me with her head tilted. His beautiful face, as if covered with a layer of mysterious ghosts of jade gauze, people only a glance is very easy to indulge in the kind of, have to say. I want to use four words to describe Suyue. Beauty is like a blade. He's like a poisoned glass of wine. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. "You were born just like your mother," I murmured. He and Jun Ye brothers, Jun Ye's appearance is obviously completely with his father, Jun Youming, and Suyue is completely with his mother, Princess Zhenjia. Handsome, with a hint of femininity. I'm not asking you to judge my appearance. What problem did you just say? Suyue frowned with chagrin. I continued, "The question is,Thyroid Powder Factory, Jun Ye is Jun Ye, and Rong Qi is Rong Qi. They seem to be the same person in past and present lives, but in my heart they are actually two people." 。 pioneer-biotech.com


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