The rise of man

He said with a smile, "As long as the eldest brother invites the old man of longevity, no one will say no. They are eager to invite such a weighty person

The climax of the process, which is more of a chemical reaction than a dramatic one, is hardening, which hardens the knife and fixes its different properties. The different rates of cooling in each part result in crystals of different shapes and sizes: large, smooth crystals are distributed in the flexible core of the knife, and small, rough crystals are distributed at the edge. The two different properties of rubber and glass are finally combined in this finished knife. These properties are also reflected on the surface of the knife-a silky sheen, which is highly valued by the Japanese. However, the ultimate test of a sword, a technical practice and a scientific theory should be "can it be used?" That is to say, can this knife cut off a person's body in the formal way prescribed by the ceremony? The traditional way of slashing is so carefully regulated that it is like the cutting method of beef shown in the picture in the cookbook: "Cut into two sizes." Now, the human body has been replaced by a bound scarecrow. In the past, a newly made knife was indeed used to execute a prisoner in order to test the performance of the knife. The sword is the weapon of the Japanese samurai. With the sword in their hands, the samurai class was able to survive the disintegration and endless civil war in Japan in the 12th century. All their equipment is wrought metalwork: tough armor made of steel sheets, horse ornaments and stirrups. However, these samurai did not know how to make these things. Like knights in other cultures, they lived by force, relying on the skills of the villagers they sometimes plundered and sometimes protected to provide them with weapons. Over time, these warriors became mercenaries employed by others, working hard for money. People's understanding of how the material world is composed of various elements comes from two aspects. One is the development of techniques for making various useful alloys,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, which I have already talked about, and the other is alchemy. Alchemy has different characteristics. Its scope of application is narrow, not directly used in daily life, but also contains some speculative theory of the entity. For some indirect but not accidental reason, alchemy deals mainly with another metal, gold, which is essentially useless. But gold has so dazzled human society that it would be unreasonable of me not to dwell on the qualities that give it its symbolic power. In all countries,D BHB Factory, in all cultures, gold is the object of contention. The collection of various representative gold handicrafts is like a chronicle of the evolution of various civilizations. Colored gold rosary, 16th century, England, serpentine gold pin, 400 BC, Greece; triple gold crown of abuna, 17th century, Abyssinian; serpentine gold hand Shu, ancient Rome; Gold sacrificial vessel of the achaemenid Dynasty, 6th century BC, Persia, Malik gold wine, 8th century BC, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Theobromine Powder, Persia; gold ox head ,…… Golden knives used in celebrations, chimu, pre-Inca empire, Peru, 9th century.. A famous figure in the 16th century, Benvenuto? Cellini (Benvenuto cellini) carved a gold salt dish for King Francis I (king Francis I). He recalled that his French patron had said of his work: When I put it in front of the king, he was so surprised that he held his breath: he stared at it. He exclaimed in surprise, "This is 100 times better than I thought!"! How incredible this man is! The Spanish plundered huge amounts of gold in Peru; Inca nobles collected it with the same ease that people collect stamps today. They have the so-called greedy gold, gorgeous gold, decorative gold, venerated gold, powerful gold, sacrificial gold, sacrificial gold, tender gold, barbaric gold, extravagant gold and so on. The Chinese are right to point out the real reason why gold is so popular and irresistible. Ge Hong once said, "When gold is put into the fire, it will not disappear, but when it is buried, it will be immortal.". From this statement, we know that gold has a unique physical property that can be measured in practice and described and generalized in theory. It is not difficult to understand that the person who makes a gold handicraft is not only a technician, but also an artist. However, what is equally important but not so easily recognized is. The man engaged in assaying was not merely a technician. For him, gold is an element of science. It is always useful to master a technique, but, as with any craft, what animates it is its place in an overall natural schema, a theory. Those who analyzed and purified gold revealed a theory of nature: a theory that gold, though incomparable, could be made from other elements. This is the reason why so many ancient people spent a lot of time and thought to design various methods of extracting pure gold. In the early 17th century, Francis? Bacon Francis bacon has made it clear that gold has such properties as being heavy, solid, stable, pliable, resistant to rust, and golden in color. If someone makes a metal with these properties, people can argue whether it is gold or not. In one of the classic tests of the properties of gold, the characteristics of gold are most evident. This was an experiment by the cupel method. An urn, or caldron, is first heated in a furnace to a temperature much higher than that required to melt pure gold. Gold containing various impurities or dross is then put in and melted. (Gold has a fairly low melting point of about 1,000 degrees Celsius, about the same as copper.) The impurities are then separated from the liquid gold, and are adsorbed on the walls of the bowl: thus,Heme Iron Polypeptide, at once, there is a separation, this time of the dregs of the material world from the pure gold reflected in the light of the fire. The alchemists' dream of synthesizing gold will eventually be tested by the reality of the pure gold particles that have survived the assay.


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