Carve a dragon and a phoenix

He said with a smile, "As long as the eldest brother invites the old man of longevity, no one will say no. They are eager to invite such a weighty person

He said with a smile, "As long as the eldest brother invites the old man of longevity, no one will say no. They are eager to invite such a weighty person as the eldest brother to attend." Xie Bin glared at Mu Feng, "It's my old longevity star who has weight. Without this old longevity star, they know who I am." Mu Feng smiled shyly, "I can't help it. Your old longevity star is so attractive. It's killing both men and women, old and young. I really don't have so much money. Otherwise, I will definitely invite this old longevity star home. This is the legendary treasure handed down from generation to generation." Xie Bin thought secretly, do you still have no money? Last time, without saying a word, he could throw out one hundred million US dollars, which is equivalent to six hundred million RMB. How many people can you find in the whole country who are richer than you? This is really a lot of money. But do you really want to invite this old man to go all the way to Yunsheng? This may be an advertisement for your own taste, but it may also increase some unnecessary risks. As Mufeng said, this is a treasure handed down from generation to generation, but if people miss it, it's really troublesome. And the workmanship of this old longevity star is still Xie Bin's style, extremely fine, especially the three cranes and the old longevity star's crutches and so on, are completely carved according to the actual proportion, the subtle places are very fragile, if there is any accident on the road, Xie Bin regrets it too late. Moreover, Li Guohui's auction is now under intensive preparation, and some advertisements have already been sent out. If the exhibition is held in the cloud province at this time,gold cil machine, will it bring other impacts? Thinking of this, Xie Bin was not in a hurry to reply to Mu Feng. He said with a smile, "Let's talk about it in two days. Anyway, there are still more than ten days before the opening ceremony." Mu Feng slightly disappointed, but he received his father's order, must be Xie Bin and the old man to go together, thought it was easy to catch things, but found that Xie Bin seems not so good to encourage. However,tin beneficiation plant, Mu Feng looked frivolous, but his intelligence quotient was not discounted at all. He knew that he could not insist on it blindly. He nodded and said, "You're busy first, boss. I'm going to see my mother-in-law." Looking at Mu Feng and Xiao Wang with a loving look on their faces, Xie Bin was stunned, "Are you two serious?"? Is it really that far? Mu Feng said with displeasure, "What you said, boss. From the very beginning, what I played was really good. Is there anything wrong with meeting my mother-in-law?" "Yes, you go," said Xie Bin with a dry cough. Say so, in the heart to Mu Feng this bad taste is more contemptuous, since it is true, why still say to play, play really? Can you really play? Xie Bin himself felt uncomfortable. I don't know if Xiao Wang has found that Xie Bin just hopes that Xiao Wang will be able to find a good man to marry in the future. Mufeng is really not suitable for her, whether from the family environment or life attitude, living habits and understanding and treatment of life. Mu Feng this person, mineral flotation ,portable gold wash plant, a look is the kind of person who does not take money as money, the most do not care about is money. But it happened that Xiao Wang was a little persistent about money, and the most important thing was money. If you play with each other and take what you need, it's all right. If it's true, it's absolutely tragic. Watching Mu Feng and Xiao Wang leave sweetly, Xie Bin himself went back to the villa with a wry smile. This period of time a lot of orders, Xie Bin also need to hurry to complete, as well as Liu Yifei's two sets of jewelry, also need to be made earlier. Only in the evening, Xie Bin received a phone call from Xue Yuying. Xue Yuying's mood on the phone was not too high and her voice was slightly low: "Xie Bin, can you come out?"? I have something to do with you. Xie Bin was a little startled. After a moment of silence, he nodded and said, "Yes, where are you?" "The old place, the coastal cafe," Xue Yuying seemed relieved. Xie Bin hung up the phone silently, he really did not know what Xue Yuying would do to him, could it be that she wanted to renew the relationship? This seems unlikely, Xie Bin thought to himself. But to be honest, Xue Yuying's position in Xie Bin's heart is still relatively heavy, she is the first girl Xie Bin took a fancy to, although the process is very short, even did not officially start the end, but Xie Bin has no resentment towards Xue Yuying. At this time received a phone call from Xue Yuying, Xie Bin in the heart or a good thought, before going out also secretly warned himself, must hold on, do not make mistakes in Lijiang. When Xie Bin arrived at the coastal cafe, Xue Yuying should have been sitting for a long time. Although the coffee in front of her did not move, it was already cold. The seat is still the one I used to sit with Xue Yuying, but at this time, it is another kind of feeling. Xie Bin went over and sat down, asked for two cups of coffee again and whispered, "What's wrong?"? What's the matter? Xue Yuying has been looking at Xie Bin steadily since he entered the door. Her face was slightly melancholy. She didn't laugh until Xie Bin opened her mouth. "What are you thinking about? I just suddenly found that you have changed a lot. Compared with a year ago, you are almost two people." Xie Bin shrugged his shoulders, "I am naturally one year older, but you are still so beautiful, well, more mature." Then he realized that his words were ambiguous, so he quickly lowered his head and drank a mouthful of coffee to cover it up, and then changed the subject: "Why did you think of asking me out at this time?" Xue Yuying said sarcastically, "if you really have a partner, do you want to make a report to Jingjing?" Xie Bin Khan ran, "I don't go to the Three Treasures Palace for nothing. If you have something to say, you can say it directly. I'm psychologically prepared." Xue Yuying looked at Xie Bin, the smile on her face slowly dispersed, and then gradually more lonely, and finally said with a wry smile: "You said that if we had insisted and been brave, what would be the situation now?" When Xie Bin heard this, he was at a loss for a while. Is there really any if in life? At that time, none of the parties expected that Xie Bin would transform to such an extent in a short year, which was beyond everyone's expectation. Did Xue Yuying regret it? Or did Director Xue also regret it? However,manganese beneficiation plant, Xie Bin soon thought of Li Jingjing and secretly warned himself that he could not make mistakes at this time, especially Xue Yuying and Li Jingjing were still good friends. If he really did something, it was estimated that he would only end up with a chicken flying eggs.


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