Legend of the Mage I

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Oh! That's it! Then you can find us when you go back to the city! Lin Jia also did not care, promised to concentrate on Daguai with the eldest brother! But after practicing for a while, he said, "Where are you?"? I'm coming for you! Zuma 4 on the way to Zuma 5! Lin Jia Hei Hei a smile, it is estimated that the generation of training is attracted by the soul necklace can not help, although only the generation of training. But the attraction of Zuma's equipment is not resisted by ordinary people, it's good to play! When Lin Jia had just hit Zuma Wuzeng, the little Taoist angel elf who controlled the big girl and the little girl ran over. The eldest brother took off the soul necklace around his neck and traded it to him. He picked up a blue jade belt at random. After Dai Lian took the soul necklace, he silently followed Lin Jia behind them to watch them fight monsters without help, but when Lin Jia and the eldest brother were attacked by monsters, he threw a healing spell on them in time and accurately. Originally Lin Jia did not care, but the generation of training like a shadow has been followed from the fifth floor of Zuma to the seventh floor of Zuma, Lin Jia felt a little strange, this generation of training technology can be considered very good, with the time there is no need to say hello, some auxiliary skills always appear in the most comfortable time in the position. "Are you a big girl's student or friend?" Lin Jia asked with a smile while fighting monsters? Look,Cantilever Storage rack, your skill is good! Were you forced by her to help her practice? Dai Lian was silent for a while and smiled: "Oh, no!"! I used to play, and then did not play, recently idle nothing, listen to them say to play a number, also by the way to help them practice! Lin Jia laughs: "That is OK,Industrial pallet rack, later you are on the line M me!"! Practice with us, your skills are much better than the big girls! Dai Lian regained a smiling face. While playing, Ruohan and Niulang came over and looked at Lin Jia's screen. Niulang laughed and said, How is it? Did you play Zuma's equipment again? Lin Jia one side thunder is strange, at the same time Hei Hei laughs: "You think Zuma is I add open, still really a dozen accurate?"? The words did not fall, a Zuma archer in the mine area suddenly exploded with a bang, and when Baa Baa fell down, a very black and strong stick fell beside the eldest brother. All the people who spoke were stunned, even the eldest brother did not react to pick it up, or the generation of training next to see that both of them did not move, and then ran up to pick up the ruling stick on the ground. Fuck! Arbitrament The cowherd turned around and roared. All the players in the Internet bar looked at them in surprise. Asma rolled and crawled and rushed over to see them. Even Tie Jieyu, Pallet rack beams ,heavy duty warehouse rack, who was upstairs, ran down. Ruohan couldn't believe it and exclaimed, "Dizzy!"! Did you really go to the dentist to order the equipment? You can just talk about Zuma!? There was a loud noise from the people around. In the midst of the uproar, the cowherd, with lightning speed, pushed aside the crowd next to him, threw 800 yuan on the table in front of Lin Jia, and then shouted: I bought it first! I bought it first! The boss of Linji Ahe was swayed to and fro, which was called a burst of sweat. Fortunately, Flying Eagle and Hua Wuque's warriors didn't rob him this time. The cowherd got the fresh ruling stick as he wished. The eldest brother was very reluctant to trade the ruling stick to him and said with regret, "Can't you exchange Zuma of the Taoist priest with us?"? The cowherd was so nervous that he put the verdict into the warehouse. Hei Hei said with a smile, "My medicine was given to Ruohan by Zuma, a Taoist priest. If I don't take the medicine again, I'll change it for a soldier. How can I have it?"! Can't you give me cash? Right! Ruohan and I still need a lot of Zuma equipment. Reserved now, as long as it is a Taoist priest or a warrior, leave us a set! Surrounded by a group of people can not bear the players heard that Lin Jia they played two Zuma in the morning, and the cowherd they are scheduled, but also ready to shout to plan to book, the boss shouted not to accept the reservation, only for the Taoist Zuma to stop it. I'm convinced! Madman, your luck is really too abnormal, isn't it? Ruohan said with surprise and exclamation. Tie Jieyu laughed and said, "Do you believe it?"? I said they were sick! If you need equipment, pull quickly! You're fanning the flames! You really think I'm an arms supplier! Lin Jia quickly clarified, but he was also amused by his luck today. Don't crowd around! Don't crowd around! The cowherd roared: Madman! Don't be idle, hurry up! I still need a pair of power rings! Better give me a big pair of knight bracelets! Lin Jia fainted and looked at a group of people behind him who were in high spirits. It seemed that they were going to stand behind him and watch him play. They lamented, "Don't surround me!"! Do you really think Zuma is so easy to go out? I can get a taxi as soon as I go! Why don't you go to Zuma to have a try! Cut the crap! Come on! With a roar, Lin Jia was so frightened that he ran to Zuma, but the accident happened. He had just run to the courtyard at the entrance of Zuma. Before he could run into the entrance, a figure of Changhong ran through the sun and hit Lin Jia beside them. It burst open the mercurochrome on the ground, and it was a green necklace! The samurai seemed to be specially sent equipment, the pit did not pit a sound off the line, leaving Lin Jia and a group of people behind him in that silly, the eldest brother stood on the green necklace crazy throw just overweight potion. Fuck! Is that all right? Lin Jia behind the eyes are straight, look at Lin Jia's eyes are strange, even the eagle can not help the way: "I rely on!"! Crazy. You're having an affair with GM, right? Don't you think it's exciting! Under a crowd of looting,Drive in racking system, Lin Jia and the eldest brother failed to keep the green necklace after all. They were robbed by force. The cowherd who failed to grab the road this time couldn't help saying: Madman! I'm afraid your number is really the legendary invincible lucky number, isn't it? : How can such a freak thing happen to you? Lin Jia also sweated, and they said that even Lin Jia felt that today might be his own good luck cycle. omracking.com


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