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As soon as yuan Yue said this, Shen Yu blinked and was ready to open his mouth, but he heard Shen Xiao hum coldly and said, "It's not necessary. We'll go right away." Szeto Yi admitted that his self-cultivation was not bad, but he had just been tossed about by Shen Xiao. He was very angry. He turned to yuan Yue and said, "Let's go, too." Seeing that the atmosphere was about to collapse, Shen Yu was quick-witted and said to Shen Xiao, "I haven't eaten enough yet. The food here is very good. Brother, will you accompany me to eat some more?" Shen Xiao took one look at the dish on the table, which was obviously half eaten, and said disdainfully, "You let me eat the leftovers?" yuan Yue jumped out and said, "I'll call some more." Then he shook off Szeto Yi's hand again and went out quickly to ask the waiter to serve the food. Szeto Yi was originally unhappy, but when he saw yuan Yue so active, he was not willing to spoil her fun, suppressed his anger, and went straight to the table to sit down. When yuan Yue asked Shen Yu to meet him, he thought that there were only two of them, so when he booked the box, he only booked a small private room with a small area, a set of exquisitely carved mahogany sofas, and a Eight Immortals table where they were sitting now. The table is not big, but it is enough for one person to sit on one side. Restaurant service is thoughtful,radio shuttle racking, yuan Yue ordered food back, a waiter came in to clear the table, and poured tea. The four men took their seats again. On the surface, it seems to be calm. Shen Xiao took a sip of tea and began to peel the peanuts in the small dish. The peanuts were actually shelled, but Shen Xiao patiently rubbed off the thin skin outside and fed Shen Yu after rubbing. Shen Yu did not expect that he could feed her without changing his face in front of other people. He could not help blushing and whispering, "I'll eat it myself." Shen Xiao also ignored, stubbornly handed the peanut kernels to her mouth, and waited for her to open her mouth and bite in before clapping her hands contentedly. The two people on the opposite side were already overwhelmed by the situation. yuan Yue looked at them with a frightened face. Soon, the waiters came in to serve the food. Taking advantage of this gap,Narrow aisle rack, Szeto Yi opened his mouth and said, "General Manager Shen, since yuan Yue and Shen Yu know each other, I don't think we need to be so tit-for-tat, do you think?" Just now, Szeto Yi understood where Shen Xiao's hostility to him came from, so he took the initiative to open his mouth, "Business is hard to avoid bumps and bumps, I think as long as it is healthy competition, it is a reasonable existence." After hearing this, Shen Xiao sneered, "healthy competition?"? "For me, healthy competition means: I do business, and you are watching, which is healthy." Szeto Yi:.. yuan Yue:.. Shen Yu:.. Szeto Yi raised his eyebrows and said, "It's a bit too much for General Manager Shen to say so." See two people begin to give tit for tat again, Shen Yu and yuan Yue can't help but secretly use eye contact. yuan Yue: "How to do, Steel racking system ,Narrow aisle rack, they seem to fight..." Shen Yu: "I don't know what to do..." By this time, the waiter had finished serving again and said respectfully, "Please enjoy your meal." Then he quickly backed out and helped them close the door. The food was served, but none of the four people had any intention of moving their chopsticks. With an arrogant smile at the corners of his mouth, Shen Xiao said, "Have I gone too far?" Finish saying, did not wait for other people's reaction, he suddenly raised his hand to sweep to the table. "Crash." The steaming dishes that had just been put on the table were all swept to the ground by him with one hand in the blink of an eye. Facing the debris on the ground, he shook his head regretfully and said, "I'm sorry. I just saw a fly and was startled. It seems that I can't eat this meal." People:.. Chapter 31 On the bright and clean marble floor tiles, like a typhoon passing through, there is a mess. The tiles were scattered everywhere, and the soup of the food was scattered, decorating the floor like a palette. The faces of the other three people in the room also turned into palettes, blue and white. Shen Xiao smashed things, the smile on his face did not diminish, good time to look at the opposite man, eyes are full of provocation. Szeto Yi has been held up since he was a child, and the people who want to make friends with him, which is not bowing and scraping, flattery? Today is the first time I have met someone who dares to do this to his face, and it is in front of the woman he cares about. He can't stand it. The next second, he suddenly stood up, ready to attack: "You..." In a flash of lightning, there are countless thoughts flashing through Shen Yu's mind, but a myriad of things come together, there is only one thought, must not let them fall out at this time! As soon as the idea came out, she reacted faster than Szeto Yi. She stood up and glared at Shen Xiao. "You hate it!" She said angrily. Then he stamped his foot, opened the door angrily, and left without looking back. Shen Xiao had two seconds of consternation, followed by a heavy face, quickly got up and chased out. He had long legs and caught up with Shen Yu in two or three steps. "Stop!" Shen Yu stared back at him again, "I don't!" Then he deliberately quickened his pace and trotted to the elevator entrance. Shen Xiao's eyes became fierce in an instant, a few steps to catch up with her, a pull on her, and then a hand up, a bend in the waist, the moment will be carried to the shoulder, the movement is clean and agile, very skilled. Ah Hate you, hate you, put me down! Shen Yu kicked his legs and struggled hard. Shen Xiao angrily emptied a hand, forcefully to her buttocks, "Pa." "Be honest with me!" Shen Yu:.. Whoo, this snake spirit disease actually beats a lady's ass in public. The two brothers and sisters left noisily, and the atmosphere in the private room was so solemn that it was suffocating. yuan Yue has been scared into a statue by what just happened, although psychologically prepared, know that Shen Xiao is a snake spirit disease villain, can know is one thing, see with one's own eyes is another thing, she is almost scared to pee! How could such a person, Sister Yu, survive with him for more than three months? If it were her,Pallet rack upright, she would have been scared to death eight hundred times! yuan Yue was in a daze, not noticing that he had been hugged to his thigh by Szeto Yi. Until he whispered in her ear, "This kind of neuropathy is also worthy of your association?"? Break up as soon as possible! 。 omracking.com


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