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Wang Yi strode out of the door, closed the door, and went to the next door without locking it. Wanli City was patrolled by serious soldiers. Who dares to do such a thing as stealing? Besides, no one is poor now. Pushing open the door of Zhao's house, walking through a road swept out of the yard, stepping on the cement under his feet, Wang Yi glanced at the flowers and plants planted on both sides. Under the heavy snow, the flowers were still in full bloom, colorful and full of vitality. The corridor under the eaves was hung with cured bacon, and a simple chicken coop was built in the corner of the yard, where two hens were laying eggs. Pushing open the door of the main room, the hot air that came to Wang's face made him shake. Brother Wang, close the door quickly. It's too cold outside! Zhao Erfu, who was wearing a cotton-padded jacket outside, was wearing only a fairly thick single coat in the room. At the moment, he was serving food on the round table. There was a door on the wall between the right ear room and the main hall, through which he could smell a burst of fragrance. The heavy wooden door was closed by Wang Yi, blocking the cold outside the door. Wang Yi went to Zhao Erfu and touched Zhao Erfu's face with a cool hand. "Where is Grandma Zhao?" "Oh, it's too cold. Brother Wang, go to the heater and cover your hands. I just added coal. It's very hot." Zhao Erfu stepped back and dodged Wang Yi's hand. "Grandma is adding charcoal to the hot pot in the kitchen. She will come right away." "Charcoal?"? What delicious food? Do you want to eat charcoal? When Wang Yi heard this, he was very surprised. He didn't know what delicious food to bring the charcoal to the table. "Did the Kang burn in the house?"? I slept here during the lunch break. "You'll know when Grandma comes out. The Kang has already been cooked. Brother Wang,Pallet rack supplier, you can sleep directly after dinner. When the time comes, I'll ask you to go to work." Zhao Erfu said, pushed open the door of the ear room, went to another room to help, Wang Yi sat on the sofa in the living room, peeled off the small kumquat on the tea table. Use iron to make radiators, then add a boiler to each household,warehouse rack manufacturer, pour water into it, add coal to the boiler, and boil out hot water, which can warm up the house with radiators. Coal was bought at the Yamen. It was said that the big merchants in Baiyun City brought a lot of coal, which was enough for hundreds of people in Wanli City to burn for a winter. Coal is not expensive, divided into a sale, a only three cents, if the people save, a can burn for five days. Even a child can easily earn three cents a day, so the cost of coal will not cause too much pressure on the people. Coming, coming! After Wang Yi ate three small kumquats, the door of the ear room was opened, and Grandma Zhao came out with a strange pot in which there was a lot of steaming soup. As soon as Wang saw this, he rushed up with two arrows and took the pot from Grandma Zhao's hand. He thought it was heavy, but when he carried it, long span shelving ,heavy duty racking system, he found that it was not heavy. The soup inside was not as much as he saw. It was hollowed out in the middle, and there was charcoal with a slight red light inside. This charcoal is the charcoal of Wanli Inn. There is no smoke at all. The master told me that it is enough to put two pieces and pour some water into it. Gouzi, put it on the table quickly. Don't hold it up. Pour the dish in it and boil it. Grandma Zhao urged Wang Yi with a smile. Wang Yi smiled bitterly while carrying the pot. "Grandma, don't call me Gouzi. I have a name now. My name is Wang Yi. Last time you called me Gouzi outside, my subordinates heard you and laughed at me a lot." "What's there to laugh about?"? The cheap name is easy to feed. I used to think the cheap name was not pleasant to hear. I didn't give it to Ad. Now I regret it. Grandma Zhao said, moving quickly to set up the table, "OK, OK, you are too big, grandma can't control you, call a name is not good, not in the future." "You say so again." Wang Yicai didn't believe it. Grandma Zhao said that last time, last time, and then she called him a lot. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Three people around the table to eat, Wang Yi just eat two mouthfuls, heard Zhao Erfu in the side giggle, "do not eat well, what to laugh?"? Be careful to choke with laughter for a while! "I'm just happy." Zhao Erfu raised his little face, and there was a touch of red on his cheeks, which was accidentally stained with sauce. "I have a home again.". ” Wang Yi's chopsticks loosened for a moment, and the meat on the chopsticks fell into the pot again. Then he scolded as if nothing had happened, "Silly, when I go to school in the New Year, I must be scolded by my husband." "I'm not afraid, and I'm not afraid of being scolded." Being scolded shows that someone cares about him and someone cares about him. Zhao Erfu is young, but he knows everything and everything. Overnight, his family was destroyed, which brought him to grow up overnight. Fortunately, the world was kind to him. "It's good to meet Princess Jiaoyang." Grandma Zhao reached out and touched the back of Zhao Erfu's head, thinking of her children and other grandchildren. If they were still alive, they would laugh like Zhao Erfu. —————— "Lian-er!"! Lian-er, where are you? "Husband, I'm here." In the White Crane Stronghold, a woman dressed in white with a charming smile came out of the house and said to a young man with a smile. The young man had a red hair on his head, dressed in the same white clothes as the woman, and was wearing a cloak. He hurried in from outside, with some snowflakes falling on his shoulders. I've found you. You're wearing so little. Be careful to get sick again. The boy muttered and put his cloak on Lianer. Thank you for your concern. Lian-er lowered her head and blushed a little. She asked doubtfully, "Why did you come here in such a hurry? What's the matter?" "I heard that the city of Wanli has changed in the hands of the Princess of the Hot Sun. Even when night falls, the city is still as bright as day. There is business with Baiyun City. It is very lively. Are you from Wanli City? Do you want to go back to Wanli City?" Hearing this, Lianer knew that the white crane was playing and wanted to go to Wanli City to play. Back to the old place, Lianer naturally wanted to, especially the old place and the scorching sun princess. Husband is from whose mouth, heard of the scorching sun princess? And from whom did you hear about Wanli City? "From one of my concubines,pipe cantilever rack, what's her name? It seems to be Feng'er."? Yuer? Or was it thunder and lightning? The white crane thought carefully, but still did not remember, "it was the first person you saw when you came." 。 omracking.com


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