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They entered the tunnel a week ago and were assigned to the third exit, which is in the Grey Dragon Mountains. According to intelligence, this exit is closest to the territory of the legendary rogue Viscount Kane.

"How can I? What kind of person is Duan De? Righteousness is the first word. I never do immoral things. I'm just a great archaeologist." Duan Degan smiled. This place is deathly quiet, except for the dusty Qionglou Yuyu, which is obviously not the deepest part of Purple Mountain, not the place where Emperor Wushi sits. The tortoise shell in the old blind man's hand crackled, constantly divining; Duan De stopped and stopped, even looking at geomancy; Ye Fan was not idle, looking for the source and direction, observing the terrain. These three people come together is really absolutely, the division of labor is clear, the time is not long to locate a road ahead, along an ancient cave into, to another open land. It's totally different from the road I walked last time. Ye Fan has to sigh that the interior of Purple Mountain is very large, forming a small world of its own, and the area he used to walk through is only a corner. There is a sound of water ahead. Surprised, the three of them walked along an ancient road paved with sapphire, picked up the steps, and came to an ancient place with the remains of pavilions, as well as dead old vines and trees. The water was flashing, and there was a pool in front of it, which was carved out of sapphire, and became a pool of water, with white mist transpiring. What kind of fairy pool is this? Is it the bath of Emperor Wushi? The old blind man was very unrighteous. When he got here, he kicked Duan De down and let him test the water. Damn,7g Ozone Generator, old man, I remember you! The unscrupulous Taoist priest was indignant, and then he looked strange again. He said to himself, "This water is really special. It can help the blood of the whole body run faster and improve the speed of practice." "Gudong, Gudong!" He drank several mouthfuls in succession, praised the sweet taste, said that the source of the water may be the divine spring, immediately jumped up and ran upstream. When you come to the end of the flowing water,Ceramic Bobbin, there are clouds steaming and rosy clouds, dense and flowing, colorful, and there is a more gorgeous spring pool, which is carved out of colorful jade. This is definitely the place where Emperor Wushi is clean. I also enjoy it, Master Dao. Fatty Duan rushed in and drank a few mouthfuls of spring water. Ye Fan looked strange. He crouched down and twirled a few shiny black animal hairs on the side of the spring pool. He froze for a moment. What's that in your hand, boy? Duan De felt that something was wrong. Bird feathers. The old blind man said lightly. Duan Fatty's face turned white at that time, and he retched so hard that he almost vomited the bitter bile water, which looked like a handful of dog hair. Damn it, there's a dog here, a waste of natural resources, bathing in such a sacred pool? Duan De cursed as he vomited. Ye Fan is very excited in the heart, this is definitely the hair of the black emperor, this kind of breath is too familiar, this dog that is more wicked than Duan De really did not die, ran in the purple mountain. Duan De swore and climbed up from the spring pool, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,10g Ozone Generator, saying that he had been bleeding for eight lifetimes. How could there be a dog here? "Is it a sacred spring? How does it taste?" The old blind man was very unkind. Smiling, he patted the unscrupulous Taoist priest on the shoulder and approached him. You can die if you don't mention it! Duan De wants to vomit again. Suddenly, a fragrance came, so that the three of them almost lost their spirits, all comfortable, almost floating up. What's that smell? There was a flash of fire, and a gorgeous bird flew over the heads of several people. It was so colorful that it was almost unreal. Is this a bird? "Shit, this is a phoenix, the legendary divine bird!" "I know. It's the elixir of the undead. Go after it!" When the three men woke up, they all got excited and chased them all the way down. However, they chased for some distance, but lost the trace of the undead Phoenix and lost it. But Duan De was extremely excited and said, "I'm really lucky. I have a hunch that I'll get an elixir of immortality!" Suddenly, his expression froze. He looked down at his feet. He was so angry that he shouted abuse: "Damn you, whose dog is not tied up? Master Dao, I really stepped on dog shit!" At his feet, there is indeed a lump, Duan De's nose almost angry crooked, jumping around, almost mad. Chapter 792 the origin of the Black Emperor. After stepping on a foot of dog shit, Duan De turned around 18 times in the same place, in a state of violent walking, baring his teeth and claws, almost cramping and crazy, and the veins on his forehead were jumping. He stared at Ye Fan viciously and said, "Did the dead dog come in with him?!" At that time, the big black dog was the only one who let him eat flat, clamoring to accept him as a pet, and he did not get a bargain several times. The black emperor was very unrighteous. When he had the advantage, he clamored and bit wildly. When he saw that the situation was not good, he ran away and did not hesitate to leave Ye Fan as cannon fodder. This terrain is very complex, the ancient road is deep and serene, there are dust beads shining dim brilliance, shining on the road ahead. In my years of experience, you stepped on a piece of dog shit that was more than ten years ago. The old blind man doesn't mention any pot, and he specially stimulates Duan Fatty. Duan Degang calmed down and jumped, cursing the old blind man was not a thing, but he had to admit that it was a "trace" left a long time ago. Ye Fan in this area to explore carefully, the heart has doubts, is the black emperor did not come back, are the hair left before? "What's the origin of that dog? Don't tell me it's not the one that used to follow you. I know its bones when it turns to ashes. How did it stay here?" Duan De Dao. This is where it went out. Ye Fandao, he has long speculated about the origin of the big black dog, and now that he has seen the traces of its appearance, he is even more convinced. It's not an ancient creature, is it? It's not a thing. It must belong to the same category. Duan De Dao. Why don't you think it's the Emperor of the Beginning? Ye Fan laughed. As soon as this sentence came out, the shaking Duan De stumbled and really thought about it, showing a look of surprise and uncertainty. Perhaps there is such a possibility, I have seen the pattern of its cloth, there is indeed the mystery of the ancient emperor. Duan De is suspicious. The old blind man slapped him on the back of the head and said, "If Emperor Wushi really had that kind of virtue, would he have the supreme prestige? Can he be called that kind of name? It must be shameless,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, not Wushi." Duan De said, "I remember that some jade slips were dug up in a large tomb in the Eastern Wilderness, which recorded a lot of messy things." 。

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